Education is for character, says Sai Baba

[ TUESDAY, JUNE 03, 2003 01:17:09 AM ]

BANGALORE: “Everywhere in the world, there is unrest, misery and injustice. People are haunted by fear wherever they go. This fear is the result of inadequacies within you”, said Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in a speech marking the inauguration of a fresh year of his deemed University.


Baba addressed a large gathering of devotees and students of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.


Baba called on the students to develop courage and a sense of adventure. “In spite of all efforts, man cannot conquer his fears and the world is engulfed in it”, he said. In a world devoid of love and compassion, only devotion to God can inspire courage.


Calling on students to acquire practical knowledge, he urged the students to go beyond superficial knowledge learnt from books. “While students secure high marks, educated people do not have the effulgence of education,” he said. “Good education should liberate you and build character. It is not merely to make a living”.


“Character and a good reputation is wealth, and contentment is the real happiness”, Baba said, calling on the gathering to help the under-privileged get an education