Thoughts shape oneís future, fortune

[ THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2003 02:19:03 AM ]

Man today looks at physical forms superficially, without examining their inner basis. This is the secular or temporal approach to knowledge. In spirituality, however, one looks beneath the surface. 

Excellence in secular knowledge may lead to great achievements; but it can never bring enduring respect. By contrast, one who is immersed in God never fails to elicit respect. Knowledge is meaningful only when it leads to good thoughts. 

You sow thoughts and reap actions; sow actions and reap habits; sow habits and reap character; sow character and reap a fortune. Thus, fortune depends on character; character on habits; habits on actions; and actions on thought. 

It all comes back to thoughts, and in the ultimate analysis, thoughts shape ones future as well as fortune. Good fortune is the result of good thoughts,whereas bad thoughts lead eventually to bad fortune, via bad actions, bad habits and evil character. Since thought is the true basis of fortune, it is obvious that one must cultivate good thoughts, if one is looking for a good fortune. 

Thoughts and Destiny are interconnected. Good thoughts lead to good action. What is the meaning of good action? Itís that which would please God. Whatever you do, you should always have the feeling that you are doing Godís work. You should never forget to dedicate your actions to God. 

He who in this manner lovingly offers all his actions to God would get only good thoughts; evil thoughts and feelings would never enter his Mind. All activities must be inspired by noble feelings emanating from the Heart. Cultivate noble feelings, seek the Divine, and realise that the Divine transcends all. 

What is Divinity? Who is God? The Love that is immanent in all beings is God. Love is God, and this Love is inherent in all. Man should express the Love latent in him in the same way God expresses His Love and shares it with all. Pure and unselfish Love must be treated as an aspect of the Divine. It cannot be commanded or demanded, purchased or acquired. You cannot hire it or obtain it on lease. Love is immanent and infinite. 

Pure Love can be attained only through Pure Love. Love should be the basis of life. Today, no one thinks of true, Selfless Love. People seek all kinds of specialised education and power. All this is an exercise in futility. Actions become meaningful only when they are born of good thoughts and rooted firmly in Pure Love.