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NASA scientist embarks on peace mission, seeks Baba's Blessings


(Afternoon Despatch & Courier , Mumbai 23rd January, 2003


Dr. Brian O'Leary, a former NASA scien­tist, astronaut, a physi­cist and former science and energy policy advisor to four US Presidential candidates, is on a special visit to India to the country's largest ashram to meet and receive the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who is believed to preach non-violence. 

Dr. O'Leary aims at seeking his advice on the ways and means to bring about peace in the world. Dr. O'Leary will be arriving in India on January 24. 

Dr. O'Leary's visit underlines the appeal of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who draws the attention of presidents, prime ministers and other leaders not only from India but also from outside the country. Parts of the appeal of the Baba, as he is called by his followers, is that he has been preach­ing an unusual mixture of faiths and encouraging religious tolerance. 

Dr. O'Leary has embarked on a mission to bring world peace by spreading the message of 'Satya' (truth), 'Dharma' (righteous action),- 'Shanti' (peace), 'Prema' (Love) and 'Ahimsa' (Non-violence) as propagated by the Baba. 

By spreading the message of the Baba on the five eternal values. Dr. O'Leary hopes that world peace will prevail from across the United States, India, Pakistan and Iraq.

Following is the email received from David Crockett Williams which is self explanatory

Subject: Sai Ram, request for seva in Chennai for reception of Brian O'Leary, press conference opportunity, Monday January 27,  2003.

Brian O'Leary will be arriving Chennai airport 3:30pm Monday Jan 27, and has requested me to help organize a press conference opportunity on his arrival before going on that day on his schedule towards P. Tewari and Baba in coming weeks.

If you know anyone who can help in Chennai arrange a press conference at the airport, ask them to email me right away to work this out in next day or so.

Dr. O'Leary will be composing a press release statement soon which I will send out widely in any case as an invitation to meet and welcome him to India, and I will send even sooner an abstract of his posts of today to India and the United Nations Under-Secretary-General, more details on his mission and schedule, etc.

I have a few India media email addresses to send to and some addresses at universities in Chennai area but also would appreciate any such for updates list during this peace mission to India tour from California USA.

Om Sai Ram,


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