Potency Of Rama-Nama

"Human birth is a consequence of past sins and ignorance. It is necessary to destroy sins, eliminate ignorance, and achieve peace and serenity in life. Agni (the God of Fire) will bum our sins to ashes. The Sun God destroys our ignorance. The moon cools the agitations of the heart. These three are embodied in the name Rama=Ra+aa+ma. 'Ra' represents Agni (the Fire-God). 'Aa' represents Surya (Sun-God). 'Ma' represents Chandra (Moon). The name 'Rama' contains within it the three deities, Agni(Fire), Surya(Sun) and Chandra. Moreover, the name 'Rama' embodies also the Vedic pronouncement 'Tat-twam-Asi' ('That Thou art'). 'Ra' is 'Tat' and 'Ma' is 'Twain'. The essence of the Vedas and Shastras is contained in the Divine Name. The supreme significance of the Rama name is borne out also by the science of Numerology (Saankhya Shastra). According to this science, the letters Ra+Aa+Ma make up seven, according to numerical equivalents. Seven is a sacred number as is evident from the sacredness of the seven Sages (Sapta-rishis), the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven Swaras (notes of Indian music)." Sai Baba, SS, 11/88, pp. 283 & 284

"The name 'Rama' has a unique spiritual significance. 'Ra' represents the Paramatma, 'Ma' represents the individual soul, and 'Aa' brings the two together. The Divine name thus demonstrates the unifying principle. The Puranas relate a story regarding the potency of the Rama name. Once Eeshwara wanted to choose a leader for the host of the Divine entities, "Ganas". "Gana" refers to the Devas. Eeshwara summoned all the deities and told them that whoever amongst them goes round the earth quickest will be made the leader of the Devas "Ganas". The different deities got on to their respective vehicles and sent out on the round of the world trip. Ganapati, the elder son of Eeshwara, was one of them. He is originally called "Lambodara" because of his big belly. His vehicle was a rat. Sitting on the rodent, Lambodara entered the race to go round the world. On his way, Narada saw him and enquired about his mission. Lambodara was put out by the fact that a lone Brahmin had confronted him in his trip and put the inauspicious question as to where he was going. He feared that his trip would be a failure. Narada approached Lambodara with a smile and told him that he was well aware ofLambodara's mission. But, he declared that only if Lambodara acted up to the Vedic injunctions he would be successful in his mission. Narada explained what this Vedic injunction was. All the Vedas have extolled the potency of the Lord's name. "As a vast Banyan tree is potentially immanent in a little seed, the entire universe is potentially contained in the Lord's name. The cosmos is, therefore, not different from the name. If you go round the name. you would have gone round the world. If the deities object to this claim, "I shall bear witness on your behalf.", declared Narada. Lambodara said: "Well, if that is so. what is that name?" Narada replied: ''I shall impart that name to you only if you are prepared to carry out my words." "Yes, I shall do so implicitly", said Lambodara. "Write the two letters 'Ra' and 'Ma' and go round them. Then go back to Eeshwara", said Narada. "This is the name which delights the universe. The entire world is contained within this name. Going round the name is equivalent to going round the world', declared Narada. Lambodara acted according to Narada's advice and went back to Eeshwara. As the one who had found the truth about the potency of Rama's Name, Lambodara became the chief of the "Ganas" and got the name Ganapati (the chief of the Divine entities). Eeshwara blessed his son with the words: "As the chief of the Ganas, you will be the first deity on all auspicious occasions and at all religious ceremonies before the commencement of the functions." Sai Baba. SS, 4/92. pp. 61 & 62

Triple Power Of Rama's Name

"What are the inner meanings of the name 'Rama'? The three syllables 'R', 'A' and 'Ma' indicate the three causes for human birth, namely, the sins one has committed, the troubles one experiences and one's ignorance. 'Ra' represents the root letter for Agni. 'Aa' represents the letter for sun. "Ma' represents the letter for moon. What does Agni signify? It destroys everything and reduces to ashes. The letter 'Ra' has the power to destroy all the sins committed by man. The letter 'Ma' (symbolizing the moon) has the power of cooling the fevers man suffers from and conferring peace on him. 'Aa' represents the sun, which dispels the darkness and confers the illumination of wisdom. Hence, the word "Rama' has triple power of destroying sins, conferring peace and dispelling ignorance.


When you utter the word 'Rama', you first open the mouth with the sound 'Raa'. All your sins go out when the mouth is open. When you utter 'Ma' by closing the mouth, the entry is barred against the sins that have gone out. Everyone should recognise the sweetness, the sacredness and the divinity enshrined in the name 'Rama.' It is for this reason that Tyaagaraja sang: 'Oh mind! Contemplate on the name of Rama with full understanding of its powers.' It is good to utter the name of Rama with full understanding that it signifies." Sai Baba. SS. 5/89. p. 124  


The Chanting Of Rama's Name

"It is good to utter the name of Rama with full understanding that it signifies. But even without that understanding, the chanting of the name has the power to destroy all sins. We must leam to chant the sweet name of Rama with a pure, unsullied heart, in a spirit of selfless devotion. In the mind of man dwell deities representing the moon and the sun. Intelligence is endowed by the sun. However, two kinds of birds have got into the mind. One bird fosters the sense of 'I' and 'Mine' and fills the mind with ego. This is a destructive force. The second bird fosters the feeling of freedom from attachment and hatred. It signifies the power of the sun in the mind. Rama, who belongs to the solar race, adhered to the latter path." Sai Baba, SS, 5/89. p. 124