A Lesson For Hanuman

"Thyagaraja glorified the power of Rama in a song in which he extolled how Rama's Divine power enabled Hanuman leap over the ocean and it induced Lakshmana and Bharata to worship Him." In this context, Swami related a story about Rama's desire to install a linga of Shiva while He was going to the south for the recovery ofSita. He had asked Hanuman to bring a Linga from the Himalayas within a stipulated time for performing the installation. As Hanuman did not come in time, Rama created the 'Pratishta' ceremony. Hanuman, who had adored Rama more tnan any other deity, threw away the Linga nonchalantly. Later, while walking Rama's foot hit against a stone in the ground. Rama stumbled as he had lost his balance. Lakshmana asked Rama what had happened. Rama said that it was a small stone. Hanuman came forth and said he could pull out the stone lest someone else should stumble on it.

Rama was inwardly seeking to test Hanuman and teach him a lesson. He remarked:

"Hanuman! You are capable of carrying mountains. Why do you bother about this small pebble? I shall walk more carefully. It is no fault of the pebble.' Hanuman was determined to remove the pebble with his left hand. He could not remove it. Later, he used all his strength, but the pebble could not be removed. He was surprised and asked Rama 'Lord! What is this mystery?' Rama remarked: 'Oh! It's nothing.' He stepped forth and lifted the pebble with his toe and flung it afar. That pebble was in fact the Linga, which Hanuman had cast away. Effulgence emerged from the Lingam and merged in Rama. Effulgence from Rama entered the Lingam. Rama thereby wanted to teach Hanuman that there was no difference between Him and Shiva. He taught that both Vishnu and Shiva should be adored alike. Sai Baba. SS. 10/96. p. 265

Rama And Hanuman

"For all the mighty deeds done by Hanuman and great help rendered by him, Rama asked him, 'Hanuman! What reward can I give you? Apart from expressing my gratitude to you, I cannot give you any fitting recompense. The only way I can show you my gratitude to you is that whenever you think of me at anytime in your life, I shall appear before you.' Rama was showing his gratitude to Hanuman in this manner. This indicates that primary duty of man is to be grateful all his life to the person who has done him a good turn." Sai Baba. SS. 5/95. p. 114

Sita And Hanuman

"Sita esteemed Hanuman in the same manner (as Rama did). She said that even if she were to offer him lordship of the three worlds, she would not be discharging her debt to him. You are the embodiment of sacrifice. You exemplify pure devotion. Because of these two qualities, you are entitled to move freely in all the three worlds. All the three worlds will experience prosperity through your presence." Sat Baba, SS. 6/96, p. 144

"Treat the ups and downs of life with equanimity. Consider the example of Sita. She was a prisoner in the Ashoka-vana ofRavana. He had enhanced its beauty in many ways to make it alluring to Sita. But Sita had no interest in these allurements at all. But she was deeply moved when a small monkey sang in praise of Rama from the top of the tree under which Sita was sitting.^Swami sang a song ofHanuman glorifying Rama). Sita found more beauty in the monkey than in all the flowers in Ashoka-vana. It was the chanting of Rama's name, which lent beauty to the monkey's face. She was full of bliss at that moment. The name was like the nectar to her." Sai Baba, SS. 6/96. p. 145

"Divine love is essential for man. Here is a small example to illustrate this. After Ravana was killed in the battle, Hanuman went to Sita and conveyed her the good news. Sita was overjoyed and started extolling Hanuman thus: '0 Hanuman! You are the Apurvarashourya (the valiant one), who entered Lanka in the face of all dangers. You are the Bhadra-parakrama (the performer of acts of valour) who crossed the ocean in a single leap. You are the K-api-raja-shikamani (the crown jewel of the monkey clan) who fulfilled the command of Rama.' But Hanuman did not relish any of these titles conferred on him by Sita. Sita then said, 'I have not seen such a virtuous one like you. There is none equal to you in terms of physical strength in this world. She also conferred the titles Gunavanta (full of virtues) and Balavanta (full of prowess) on Hanuman. However, none of these titles pleased Hanuman. In the end. Sita blessed Hanuman saying, 'May Rama love you forever and install himself in your heart.' Then Hanuman leapt in joy. He said, '0 mother! There is nothing greater than God's love in this world. I do not crave for any title. I pray only for Rama's love. In the absence of the love of Lord Rama, I will not be happy, I will not be happy even if the whole world were to come under my control. My life will find fulfillment only when I am the recipient of His love.' Such a virtuous, valiant and ardent devotee like Hanuman craved only for the love of Rama, nothing else. So a sincere devotee should yearn for God's love and love is everything."