Process for God-realisation

A great sage once fell in with a gang of atheists (non-believers). They crowded around him and plied him with impertinent queries and insisted that he must show them the God in whom he believed. The sage promised to do so and asked for some milk before he could demonstrate God. The vessel of milk was brought and the sage sat silent for a long while stirring the milk with his finger untill the crowd got exasperated at the delay and at his silence.


The gang asked him what he was at.  He replied that he was only trying to spot out where the butter was? The crowd shouted that it was in every drop of milk and that he could see it only when the preliminary process of churning was done. Then, the sage answered, "Well, the Lord too is immanent in every atom of this Universe. He can be perceived and experienced only when the preliminary spiritual exercises of saadhana are done. There is a definite well-known process for God-realisation just as there is a definite well-known process for butter realisation".


Saadhana has to be taken up under the direction of an expert who knows your health and temperament well. Over-enthusiasm and irregularity are both to be avoided. Vigilance, care, circumspection are very important for the Saadhaka. Yoga is often turned into Roga (disease) for lack of continuous self-examination. Your saadhana is a waste of time and energy if you have no control of the senses. You can gain unshakable peace by discovering the Truth using your special features i.e., discrimination, detachment and synoptic intellect. You have to practice certain mental restrictions and regulations so that you may have peace, contentment, joy, enthusiasm and faith.


The story of Gajendhra moksha has deeper meaning. The wild elephant is the jeevi (the individual) full of sensual green and blind with delusion. It enters the tank of flux i.e., samsaara (objective world where its leg was caught by the crocodile of egoism in the vice of its teeth and pulls it down deeper and deeper into the mire of Samsaara. The individual appeals in complete sharanaagathi (surrender) to the lord after struggling by itself for a long time until pride is exhausted and its faith in its own powers is spent. Then the Lord sends Sudharshana (Good sight) i.e., the Aavriththa Chakshu, the sight which helps in destroying egoism and in freeing the jeevi from sense objects.


The conquest of the ego is a very hard task and need years of persistent effort to get success in this endeavour because the success guarantees lasting happiness and escape from the weary round of birth and death. Any task will become lighter if man curbs his own waywardness, anger, malice, envy, greed and the roaring flood of his passions.


Samsaara (worldly life) must make your saadhana (spiritual effort) more efficient and more pleasing to yourself and others. Be like the lotus which though born in mud, rises higher through the waters with the help of sunlight. It requires both mud and water for its existence but does not allow itself to be contaminated by either by knowing their real value.



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai