Prashaanthi Nilayam, 1963

Let your mind ever dwell on Krishna

Kuchela's (Krishna's childhood friend) sadhana started after he realised the Lord's mahima (miracle power) which transformed poverty to wealth. He decided to win the grace of god for securing perpetual and undiminished joy i.e., to win Saayujya. He got sudharshana (the vision of what is good for him) and lived the life of an ascetic without any attachment in the midst of the treasures. He realised that the riches now and the poverty then was all a dream. The goal of life is the final merging in the sea, God. Man's life is meaningful only because he can use it to see God. The golden anklet can become the golden crown on the head of a temple image if it is melted in the crucible and beaten into shape. The waters of the river might be dirty but the bhaktha transmutes it into a sacred theertha  (sanctified water) when he sips it with a manthra or a sthothra (sacred sound or prayer) on his lips. 


In Krishna’s Kaaliya mardhana (Krishna's dance on the head of the serpent), Kaaliya is the representative of man rolling in poison i.e., the sensory objects because vishaya (sensory object) is the deadly visha (poison). When you make your heart as smooth and soft as the hood of the snake, Krishna will dance on it so that all the poisonous fumes recede and you will vomit all the poison and restore to original health.


You are now struggling in the mire of samsaara (worldly life) i.e., slithery mud of attachment. You can save yourself by calling on god and by making the name and form of the lord dance upon the hood of your heart. Krishna has no vishaya-vasana (attachment to sense objects) and so he could plunge into the pool and call out to Kaaliya and jump on to his hood and trample on it and squeeze the poison out.


Garuda is the symbol of karma with the two wings of shraddha (faith) and bhakthi (devotion). The lord will take his seat on the Garuda (the hridhaya vihanga i.e., the heart as the bird). Raadha is Prakrithi (Nature) known as dharaa (Universe) which helps you to think about the aadhaara (support) in a regular dhaara (continuous flow).


The lord's divine Mission is to destroy the wicked and save the good. There is no loukikam (worldliness) in his behaviour; it is all aloukikam (other worldly). The lord will rid of all evil from the mind once he enters because Ram (God) and Kaam (desire) cannot coexist. The Lord never speaks a word without relevance or significance; never does anything without appropriateness or purpose. The lord showers his mercy on the Aartha i.e., the person who is ill and suffering; the arthaarthi i.e., the person who is poverty-stricken and who seeks prosperity and fortune; jujnaasu i.e., the seeker of spiritual knowledge and jnaani i.e., the liberated person.


The mind becomes healthy by Upaasana (devout contemplation) and Naamasmarana (remembrance of the divine) in regular and well-planned discipline and carried out joyfully. Let your mind ever dwell on Krishna and sanctify every word and deed by filling it with prema you give to your lord of whatever name and form you give. Surrender yourself to lord and become hollow, vaasana-less, egoless and desireless. Then, the Murali-Maadhava will come and pick you up caressingly and apply to his lips and blow his sweet breath through you making delightful music that melts the hearts. Allow him to play whatever song he likes.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai