Once a lame man and a blind man became friends and moved from place to place. The lame man used to sit on the shoulders of the blind to guide the path. One day the lame man saw hundreds of Dosakaayis (i.e., an edible variety of gourd) in a field and suggested blind man to pluck a few and eat. The blind man asked, "Have they fenced the crop? The lame man said "No.". The blind man said, "Let us go our way. The Dosakaayis must be bitter and so they are left unguarded". The blind man's intellect was able to discover that they were bitter even without tasting them. His intelligence perceived the truth faster and clearer. You will never fail if you make the intellect as the master of your mind instead of making the senses establish mastery over the mind.


Clarify the intellect by spiritual discipline so that you get a vision of the Lord who dwells within; that is the Suudarshana (Discus, a weapon of Vishnu) which saved Gajendra, the wild elephant (man) that was caught by the alligator (egoism) while rollicking in the lake of Samsaara (the objective world). The steadfastness and systematic effort aimed at a higher reward can endow you with mental balance to maintain your equilibrium under the most adverse or the most intoxicating circumstances. Joy and grief are teachers of hardihood and balance. Grief is a friendly reminder, a good taskmaster and a better teacher than joy.


Pain is a gap between two moments of happiness. Happiness is an interval between two moments of pain.


A man is worthy of honour in proportion to the knowledge of the Self he has acquired that can confer steadiness and strength. All profession of renunciation, all pretence of devotion and all performance of charity are tongue-deep or skin-deep without the knowledge of self. You are fully equipped with the instruments needed to realise yourselves -- Viveka, Vairaagya and Vichakshana i.e., discrimination, non-attachment and ability to enlarge your love, to enrich your emotions and to ennoble your actions.  Give respect according to the knowledge each possesses of himself i.e., of the Immanent and the Transcendent but do not respect men who are caught up in the tangle of the senses. Whatever bhoga (pleasure) you really need will be offered to you if you yearn for Yoga. But Remember, You are blessed only with toga (disease) if you yearn for bhoga itself.


You are the Formless (Niraakaram) came in the form of Man (Naraakaara) i.e., the Infinite came in the role of the finite. You can gain the victory (realisation) by rigorous Saadhana. Divine bliss can be earned by doing good deeds, moving in good company, desisting from evil and by keeping the mind attached to the glory of God. Spiritual discipline is more important than physical discipline.


Do not be contented by giving some food for the worldly hunger of the senses. Do not feel small and miserable because of ignorance. You become humble and all hate and pride will disappear if you concentrate on the development of the divinity latent in you. Don't get lost your way by getting confused by mirages and dreams taking them as real; running after colours and cheap substitutes. Do not think that the wicked, greedy and cruel are happier than you and do not think that you are suffering because you are truthful, loving and good. They are only honey layer coated pots of poison.



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai