Strengthen your intelligence by intense sadhana


A father wanted to test the intelligence of his two sons. He allotted to each of them the task of looking after a mango tree, promising to reward the boy whose tree yielded the best fruit in abundance. The foolish boy discovered that the leaves were withering off and promptly watered every leaf. The leaves withered still more and the tree eventually died. The wise boy went on watering the root; the tree was green and healthy and yielded delicious fruits in abundance.
Similarly, God gives human birth to man in order to test the evolution of his intelligence. The foolish man seeks to pay attention to the satisfaction of his sense-cravings and to the acquisition of worldly knowledge eager to get the reward of Eternal Peace and Immortality. He dies the miserable death of an ignorant man. The wise man devotes himself to the contemplation of God (the Root of all Creation) and thus obtains all the wealth and knowledge of the universe. God gets pleased with him and bestows the reward of Immortality and Eternal Bliss.
Bhakthi is like a king with two body guards i.e., jnaana (divine knowledge) and vairagya (non-attachment). One has to direct outward-seeking senses inwards and become unconscious of the outside world when heard of Lord's name. Sweet name of the Lord makes you strong and steady. The inner realm of impulses, instincts, habits, prejudices and attitudes must be cleansed before God is reflected clear and bright. It is very difficult to develop Bhakthi and become a Bhaktha than acquiring jnaana because bhakthi needs complete surrender and full contentment.
There can be no vision of unity when jiva is dragged in five directions by the five senses. The five senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell drag the man to perdition. Train your senses to co-operate in the sadhana. Sravana (hearing) is a tamasik act, manana (recapitulation) is rajasik and nididhyasana (concentration) is satwick. You are tamasik when you are listening without responding; You are rajasik when you attempt to assimilate; You are satwik when you sunk in the sweetness of your experience in dhyana. Nididhyasana is the fruit of bhakthi.
The knowledge of Adwaitha cannot be acquired by the senses or the intellect because it is "spraapya manasa saha: i.e., beyond the reach of even the mind". There is no need to fight against dheha bhraanthi (attachment to body) with overwhelming force and argument. The delusion will disappear when one sits quietly for a minute and analyse the world and his experience of the world. When delusion is shed, grief gets destroyed; joy is established; both dukha nivritthi (removal of grief) and aanandha praapthi (attainment of bliss) happen at the same time. Liberation (i.e., condition of the jeeva which has shed delusion) is attained when Athma shines in its own glory.
Jnana is the treasure which is already with you in your hridaya-pustaka (heart-book). One has to recognise his ignorance in order to make it vanish. One must have sadhana and sankalpa (i.e., self-effort and grace) to overcome the obstacles in the spiritual path. Strengthen your intelligence by intense sadhana to know the Reality of the universe and its fundamental unity. Start the course that is ignored in the confusion of material pursuits before the senses grow more wild to drag the individual into ruin.
Remember, difficulties are created to increase the yearning and to lift the sincere devotee from the rest;  Also remember, Calamities deepen your courage and enlarge your faith. Turn your hearts towards God and become from Brahmajignaasa (desire to know Brahman) to Brahma-chaari (i.e., one who walks towards Brahman).


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai