A beautiful Garuda was flying high up in the skies. Two birds sitting on the ground watched the Garuda soar into the sky and float majestically at an incredible height. The younger bird felt waves of despair rise in its heart and said, "What is the use of flying? we should fly like the Garuda. If we cannot, it is better to burn away our wings. I am not going to fly at all hereafter". The older bird replied: "This is not the right attitude. We also have wings and we can fly. We should not yield to despair. There is beauty in doing what we can". Saying so, the older bird flew away. The younger one had not got over its dejection. Then a hunter came along and easily caught it. Similarly, A saint(Garuda) is ever soaring into the Divine and floating in the transcendental regions of Divine Bliss. All people cannot do that. But everyone has been endowed by God with some good qualities and some talents. Wisdom lies in utilising them as much as you can Otherwise, you are likely to fall a prey to Tamas(hunter) and sink lower in the ocean of Samsara.


A farmer knows that if seeds are bad, his efforts become fruitless and so good seeds must be sown for getting a rich harvest. So, Sow the seeds called Name of God in the well-prepared field of the heart; feed it with the manure of Faith; have Discipline as the fence to keep out stray cattle. Prayer must come from the depths of feeling because Lord looks for bhaava (sincerity of feeling) but not baahya (outward pomp). The bhava (feeling) on God can make the heart bloom in joy. Control over sense organs can be attained by singing the names of the Lord devoutly and fervently.


There are differences of innate characteristics, impulses, attitudes, prejudices, excellences and character tendencies which mark out man from man. One should not compete with others regarding earthly statuses, superiorities and inferiorities but should compete with others in the quickness with which you march on to God. You are like beggars living in a house of gold. You are not aware of the precious metal that surrounds you. Discover it and you are saved! This is called Praaptha-praapthi (attaining the already existing).


Our ancient scriptures are called A-pourusheya(not ascribable to any particular author). Our elders "saw" Sanathana Dharma and Vedhas in their moments of ecstatic intuition. So, Vedhas have to be practised as they provide the knowledge necessary to liberate oneself from bondage and blindness i.e., Brahmajnana. The path of bhoga(Worldly happiness) is full of ignorance, hatred, greed, wickedness and competition. So follow the path laid down by our elders who trained themselves to be impartial and detached. Sugarcane should not be equated with any cane! Only those who do not know the taste of sugar will do so. Similarly, those who know the value of 'Path of Realisation' will never compare with any 'path of wordly happiness'. Care more for Sarveshwara Chintha(thought of All pervading Lord) but not Sareera Chintha(thought of the care and upkeep of the perishable body). You praise your ancient seers(sages&saints) but discard their heritage; revere the texts they collected but disregard their teachings; expound their doctrines and discoveries but decline to practise them.


Dhanavathwam(Evil Nature) is caused by Thamas and Manavathwam(human nature) is stabilised by Rajas. But, Sathwaguna fertilises the upward tendencies of man, cleanses the mind, removes the weeds of evil and guarantees the elevation into divinity. The very pursuit of the goal will evoke the sathwa guna(quality of serenity) and weaken the hold of the inferior Rajas and Thamas(qualities of passion and inertia) in your composition. Good Conduct has to be the main key to life of men. Nothing can be more powerful on earth than character. A person is as good as dead if he is not following the path of virtue. It is easy to - Conquer anger through Love; Attachment through Reasoning; Falsehood through Truth; Bad thoughts through Good; Greed through Charity.


Sadhakas are like patients suffering from anxiety, fear, despair, cowardice, greed, envy and the consequent weakness of mind and body. The Shasthras are like doctors that can confer peace, courage, confidence, contentment and friendliness on him unless he would take the first step of obeying their dictate(God). Because the first lessson they teach is the Immanence of God i.e., God is in the heart of every being. There is no other support than God in times of dire need. The highest goal of man is To know Him; To cling to Him and To merge in his immeasurable splendour.


Bargaining and calculating are useless in the spiritual field. You will lose all once you ask for proportionate rewards from the Lord. God cares more for the motive behind the deed and ideal(bhava) that prompts the effort but not the baahya(outer pomp).



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai