Cultivate the habit of remembering the Lord with every breath





Prashaanthi Nilayam, 1963


There was an old man from Kannada country lying on his deathbed. He could only blabber some word which his children could not understand. The children arranged for a doctor to give oxygen or something so that the words might become clear thinking that he was announcing to them where exactly he had kept the money he had earned. They could distinguish only one sound "Ka!". So they asked whether he meant kanaka (gold), karu (calf), Kanaja (granary) and kasabarike (broom)!. When the broom was shown, he nodded his head helplessly and died. So, he had to take birth as a broom! One should not die like this old man but must die like Bheeshma who died with Krishna before him and in his heart.


Man is born so that he may not get born again and he should die so that he may not die again. Man should not die like a cat or a dog. He should leave the world better and happier than when he came into it. He must remember the lord during his last breath and get away from this world with full of gratitude for the chance given to him to see god in everything that he saw, heard, touched, smelt and tasted. A lifetime of practice is needed to get that recollection. Never allow your attention to stray away from goal i.e., God. Be always attentive to the signs of his glory, mercy and his Omnipresence.


Man became busy in acquiring objects of his struggle i.e., land, riches, materials, grain, articles of comfort and luxury and forgot the object of realizing God. One should start his journey by seeking good company, doing good deeds and by directing his mind towards good thoughts. Man has known about everything else except death.  Cultivate the habit of remembering the lord with every breath to remember him with the last breath.


Lord is the Purushotthama as he is supreme amongst the Purushas (Purusha means he who is in this body). Each body has the Purusha in it and the entire universe has the Purushotthama immanent in it. The faith that you have Purusha inside will cleanse the mind of all evil and the senses of evil propensities. The Smarana and dhyaana done for however long periods will not yield fruit without cleansing the minds with the faith that Purusha is inside the body.


The body is the cart and the mind is the horse that drags it. No food is given to horse which is really more valuable of the two. Life is worth living if give the mind its importance it deserves. You show your gratitude towards lord by Aacharana (following and observing and practicing) of what you read or listen in the vedhas, scriptures and upanishads.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai