Reason out and discriminate



Thaapam (the deliberation, the decision and the discipline) is better than paschaath-thaapam (regret for the mistake made). Once a close female attendant of the Queen came to the palace weeping in great sorrow and so, the queen began to shed tears. Seeing the queen in tears, the entire female attendants, male attendants, king and finally the entire city weep loud and non-stop. Atlast, one sensible fellow made an inquiry which finally passed to the queen. The female attendant who was a washerwoman confessed that it was all due to the sudden demise of her favourite ass! After listening this, the weeping ceased and there was wide-spread laughter and shame. Do not rush to conclusions or led away by mere hearsay. Reason out and discriminate.


The Lord gave you the courage to conceive yourself as the supreme truth (paramaathma) and also gave the intellectual power (dheeshakthi) to grasp the reality which is useful to destroy the delusion born of ignorance. This ignorance will vanish automatically if you develop the habit of remembering the Lord's name (Naamasmarana). The divine bliss developed due to the contemplation of Aanandhaswaruupa (Bliss personified) will drive out all grief and worry. The evil impulses and tendencies that dwelt in the three bodies (Sthuula, Suukshma and Kaarana i.e., the Gross, the Subtle and the Casual) could not exist where there is Divine Bliss.


Everyone of you are under delusion and you are hugging the false hypothesis that happiness can be got by means of wealth, housing, clothing or by cultivation of skills. Everyone of you should build the houses of good thoughts, good words, good deeds and good company where you could live calm and collected because the lord is installed in houses of spiritual joy but not in the houses built for worldly comfort. Lord's place of residence is the Pure and aspiring heart.


Always use the body as an instrument for the purpose for which it has been designed and given. Body is the temple ('Deho devaalaya') where God dwells in the innermost shrine. The body is a sacred instrument earned after long ages of struggle equipped with reason and emotion and capable of being used for deliverance from grief and evil. The body will become only a despised container and it becomes something disgusting whose sight has to be avoided when the spark of divinity which it contains goes out.


One day Vivekanandha was spending a sleepless night because he was tossed about by conflicting thoughts. Ramakrishna who was 'asleep' was talking as if in a dream "Oh Manas! (O Mind)! Oh Maanasa raajahamsa (Royal swan of the mind)! Oh Nithya-aanandha rasaika nilaya (Repository of Etenal Bliss only)! You are Divine in nature---Daivaswaruupa. Sport in the pure lake of meditation of the Divine; Why do you crave for the dirty pond of sensual pleasure!" Naren immediately resolved to take that advice to heart. The body is the field (kshethra) of the Master who knows all kshethras.


Only the art of swimming can save you from the floods but neither status nor caste nor wealth nor even health. So too, the other shore of the sea of Birth-Death can be reached only with the art of spiritual discipline.


Source:   Trichinopoly, 3-2-1964

             Prashanthi Nilayam, 11-2-1964 (On the occassion of Shivarathri)


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai