Sahaja Karma




Prashaanthi Nilayam, 1963


One has to do his Sahaja karma (action dictated by nature) like Suurya (Sun, who is a sahaja karmachari i.e., worker by nature) draws the vapours of water high up to form clouds which pours back as rain. One has to learn the art of engaging in karma (action) without getting involved. Karma done for the profit accumulates consequences which bind a man and it increases in size like a snowball but karma done without any thought of the fruit keeps on diminishing and leaves you free from all consequences.


Once a saadhaka (spiritual seeker) was initiated by a yogi into some manthram (holy words). He wanted to meditate on it undisturbed and discovered a convenient tree in the forest finding his home full of distraction. The birds roosting on its branches started to clamour aloud and showered their droppings on his head. He decided to immolate himself so that he can born under better patronage and start saadhana afresh. He was interrupted by an old man when he collected a pile of fuel, lit it and about to ascend it.


The old man said "Please wait until the wind turns its direction because the smell of burning flesh does not agree with us". The Saadhaka felt he had no freedom even to die and returned home. He understood that karma has to be carried through in the objective world itself and there is no use trying to shake it off. One has to snatch harmony and peace from the Ashaanthi i.e., confusion and travail of the world.


Desire can never be destroyed by fulfilment. It grows upon each satisfaction and becomes a monster that devours the victim himself. The chain of desire binds one to the point of suffocation.


There was a pilgrim who accidentally sat under the kalpatharu (a wish-granting tree). He was terribly thirsty and wished himself for glass of water which he got immediately. He was surprised and continued his wishes for a meal of tasty dishes, cot and a bed which he got in a trice. Finally he wished his wife to be there to see this wonder. She appeared in an instant. The pilgrim mistook her as an Ogress (evil) and shook in terror crying "She will now eat me up" which she promptly did!. Control and curb your tendency to desire otherwise it leads to ultimate ruin.


The secret of a successful life is "Let your boat be on the waters but do not allow the waters to enter the boat".




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai