Live or Die Gloriously

Agasthya constructed the Kalahasthi temple helped by Bhrigu and Bharadhwaaja. Agasthya called every worker before sunset and the two sages poured the sand taken from the riverbed as his wage into the lap of each worker under Agasthya’s instruction. Sand changed into gold in strict proportion to the work that receiver had put in that day and it would remain sand if he had wasted the entire day. There was no injustice, no grumbling and no favouritism. The Lord will reward the work that is done sincerely and gladly by his grace but not the work that is done for fear of superior officers. The work would be pure if your hearts are pure.


The vaanaras carried huge boulders on their heads because they wrote the name of Rama on the stones and chanted Raama-naama all the while that made the rocks weight less while building the bridge across the ocean. They sang Raama-naama in unison each time they hauled or lifted a stone that made them float! The intention of the lord is that you should have shaanthi and aanandha in every moment of your life because you are fundamentally Sathya, Nithya and Nirmala (Truth, Eternal and Pure). Attach yourself with the larger self by constant Namasmarana.  Namasmarana (remembering the name of the Lord) is the best prescription that will give Peace and Contentment.  Take the name and make your work light;


Any task that is conferring Sukha, Santhosha and Sampath (welfare, happiness and prosperity) to the mankind will complete successfully without the shadow of misfortune of interruption of any sort and with no discordant note. Every task will become as light as puja by thinking of his Immanence in every hill and date, every man and beast, every tree and every bird and insect.


Mohamed of Ghazni instructed his Vazir to take his corpse to the burial ground with both his hands raised so that people should see that he came with empty hands and went with hands as empty as when he came though he had plundered the wealth of a hundred cities. Saadhana (spiritual effort) with full of vairaagya (detachment) is essential to win Bliss which is incomparable to the joy got from the external world. The beauty, the grandeur and the majesty of nature are the shadows of Lord's glory and his splendour. You are only an actor in the great drama of the Lord carrying out his will, speaking words that he has put in your mouth and making movements as directed by him.


Inspire yourselves by seeing him everywhere by filling your eyes with the beauty of his form, filling your ears with the story of his Leelas (miraculous activities), filling the hearts with the sweetness of his Glory.  Absorb the nature by treating it as an expression of the divine will after removing the temptations it has to the senses.  Love is God. Where there is love there is God. Love more and more people intensely; transform the love into service; transform the service into worship. This is the highest saadhana.


Learn, how to live or die gloriously instead of living glamorously that make others envy you. Do not admit the demon of a-shaanthi (restlessness) into your mind. Curb your powers and make them run along useful channels; that will result in Joy for you and others. You can move mountains if you have faith and conquer your mind. Have faith in god to get the attitude of surrender and dedication.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai