Spiritual Grace is proportionate to your strenuous effort.


Everyone should take to his wings and fly as there is no use if one grovels in the dust (materialistic world). Keep your faith and steadiness unaffected by greater difficulties and disasters that might blow over you. Neither rigorous system of exercise or breath-control nor complicated scholarship is needed to conquer egoism. God-consciousness is the only way to fight with egoism.


Bhakthi (Aasakthi or yearning) is the one that leads you on to the spiritual discipline which will endow you with Jnaana. Bhakthi-directed knowledge takes precedence over the Bhukthi-directed (enjoyment-directed) knowledge. Resurrection (i.e., revelation of the divinity inherent in man) serves to remove the evil from the heart of man.


There was a gopee called Suguna who had no other thought than those related to Krishna. It was the usual routine for every housewife in Brindaavan to light the lamp from the flame of the lamp at the house of Nanadha because they believed that getting light from the flame of the lamp of the eldest is auspicious. When she reached Nandha's house, her mind was lost in the thrill and joy of seeing the house where Krishna spent his childhood days to which his pranks and prattle drew all the cowherd boys and girls. She was not aware that her finger was being scorched by the flame as she was full of krishna-consciousness. Yasodha saw her plight and woke her from the vision. One should achieve this Thanmayathwam i.e., identification.


Krishna rescued Dhroupadhi when wicked princes seized hold of her sari and tried to inflict insult on her honour. Dharmaraaja sat as if he was unaware of his fights and duties; Bheema was involved in doubt concerning his obligations to his elder brother and his consort; Arjuna cared more for his own interests; Nakula and Sahadeva waited and weighed the pros and cons. But, Krishna did not wait! The Lordís Grace knew no delay or doubt. The Grace of god is reserved for those who walk the path of humility and peace and donot put their faith in lesser things.


The wish makes a chink in your consciousness, enters and establish itself and multiplies its brood and eats into the personality you have built up with laborious care. The wish takes of you slyly, silently like a thief in the night; or like a comrade come to save you; or like a servant come to attend on you; or, like a counsellor come to warn you. It makes the fort (heart) no longer under your control and makes you a puppet manipulated by the inner enemies. The wish or desire is root for wickedness.  The wish will undermine the structure whenever you try to rebuilt yourselves. Wickedness has a thousand trics to capture your heart.


Everyone should know the art of being content, calm, collected and courageous. You can draw the Grace of the Lord only when you deposit your amounts in the bank of Lord in the form of devotion to the Lord, Service to the mankind and faith in your spiritual Grace is proportionate to your strenuous effort.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai