The Aathma alone is the source of inner strength


Hold your right palm and spread it vertically before you. The thumb keeping apart from the other fingers and pointing towards you represents Paramaathma which is aloof and unaffected. The forefinger is the jeevi (self) attached to the three gunas (other three fingers) ever busy in identifying objects. Let the fore finger (jeevi) turn towards the Paramaathma (Thumb) i.e., lose contact with the gunas and achieve Sameepya (proximity) with the Paramaathma. This will form the Chin-mudra (the sign of the Puurna (Full) i.e., the completed Consciousness). Realise that your essential core is the Aathma. Let your attention and activity be always focussed on the Self within you.


Man is Amruthaswaruupam i.e., of the nature of Nectar of Immortality but he is afraid he would die! Man is Aanandhaswaruupam i.e., of the nature of Bliss but he weeps that he is miserable! Man is Shaanthiswaruupam i.e., of the nature of peace but he is overlaid with anxiety. The Aathma alone is the source of inner strength and it is the fountain-spring of joy i.e., the joy unaffected by reverses or victories. One can get ever lasting Aanandha (Divine Bliss) by training the mind to be ever in the eyes of the cosmic because the individual himself is the Cosmic and the Universal. It is the thwam (thou) called to the Thath (That); the Thath responding to the kindred voice of the thwam.


The divine principle 'Ishwara sarva bhoothaanaam' activates all beings. The divine spark (i.e., minute than the minutest and magnificient than the most magnificient) in all the beings can be visualised with the help of instruments called Manthras. The faith in the efficacy of manthras, utitility of the procedure prescribed and in the existence of the core are essential for success. The pilgrimage in reaching to god is a continuous journey without halting place, through day and night, through tears and smiles, through death and birth and through tomb and womb. At the end, Pilgrim finds that he has travelled from himself to himself and God was all the while in him, around him, with him and besides him and He himself was always divine. 


The Universal Aathma (Self) is the basis of all being and subsists even when the body is reduced to dust. Accept the truth declared by our ancient scriptures that you are Aathman instead of mistaking yourself to be the gross body and find in it a great source of peace. The truth will be revealed to you in your own unmistakable experience. The nearness to God is won by devotion after getting rid of "I" and "Mine". One can get Eternal bliss i.e., Nithyaanandham if you can get immersed in your own Bhagavadh-bhaava (relationship with God).


The hard core of Eternal Teaching is to live in the consuming conviction that you are the Athman. You should inquire into the true, pure and permanent. You have to prevent thoughts of the outer world from entering the mind. You should stop intensify your egoism, stop grovelling behind food, clothing, shelter and for trivial entertainment. Gain more knowledge about Self i.e., Aathma-jnaaana to get established yourself in the Reality of Self i.e., Aathma-thathwa. You should cultivate faith in yourselves and worship the Lord so that he will utilise you as his instrument. 


Listening makes you learned but concentrated meditation on the meaning of the thing heard gives you the fruit of the teaching.



Venkatagiri, 19-2-1964

Rajahmundry, 24-2-1964



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai