Attachment is the root of both joy and grief


A merchant engaged a camel and loaded all the luggage on its back along with a small empty tin. The camel was breaking under this load and was unwilling to move. Now the merchant removed the empty tin and threw it down. The camel felt that the load on its back had been greatly decreased and started to go crossing the burning sands of the desert without any further discontent. Similarly, Maya (merchant) throws the poor jiva into desert with burning sands of endless pains and sufferings. The Jiva is loaded with countless cares, worries and anxieties, innumerable pains, diseases and sufferings. Occassionally, Maya gives a little pleasure to the Jiva by removing a small misery (empty tin) from its back. The Jiva foolishly imagines that it has been completely freed from all the miseries of the world and rushes ahead into the desert of Samsara. Jiva was deluded by the trice of Maya (delusion). Limit your desires to your capacity and have only those desires that will grant lasting joy

Attachment is the root of both joy and grief; detachment is the Saviour. Accumulation of riches and multiplication of wants lead to joy and grief. Do not develop Moha towards material things because the joy they give is trivial and temporary. Know their real worth and do not over-estimate them. Always feel that you are a trustee for your house, fields, car and they are Lord's property. Be ready to give them up without a murmur at any moment's notice. Death brooks no delay and accepts no excuse. Neither tears move his heart nor threats keep him away. You have to respond to his call whether you are on a pilgrimage or sitting on ceremonial seat before the ritual fire as a bridegroom. Aashakthi (attachment) is maaraka (death); Anaashakthi (non-attachment) is thaaraka (saviour). 

Remember and ruminate over the sweetness of the relationships of simple cowherds of Brindavan with the lord; the deep self-abnegating devotion of Radha; the reverent affection of Udhava towards the lord; yearning of Gopees for the company of the Lord. This will help you to free your mind from inferior impulses and to deepen your faith in the supreme.  

One has to give up his pursuit of sensory objects to attain ever lasting peace and joy. Be an example to others by means of sweet speech, humility, reverence to elders, truthfulness, faith and steadfastness. Understand yourself well; correct your own faults and subject yourself to vigilant scrutiny instead of criticising and finding faults with the action of others. Do not be like the dancer who blamed the drummer for her wrong steps. 

Prepare a plan to win the inner treasure i.e., Shanthi and Santhosha (Peace and contentment). You will get the harvest of Anandha by planting the seed of the name of the lord in the well-prepared soil of your heart. Let it sprout in the silence of the heart; Water it with Love and Serve and guard it against pests and cattle (i.e., outwards dragging emotions and passions) by putting the fence of japa and dhyana.  

Faith in the Lord will vitalise you.  Absolute surrender means "Lord will grant food and raiment if it is his will otherwise let his will prevail". Surrender and Submit to his will; There should be no begging or bargaining.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai