Prashaanthi Nilayam, 1963


Once the deer of the forest gathered in a great assembly and discussed their cowardice in the face of the pursuing hounds. Every member of the assembly are reminded that they are equipped with fleeter feet and sharp antlers. So, there is no need to be afraid of these insignificant dogs. At last, a resolution was moved and passed that no deer should henceforth flee before hounds. But, even while the cheering is going on they heard the distant baying of the hounds and all had fled as fast as their legs could carry them! The resolution could not be put into practice! The pandiths and scholars who are well versed in the art of teaching and explaining the sacred scriptures are lacking in practicing for spiritual advancement. The Jnaana has to be put into practice otherwise it is useless.


Spiritual knowledge alone can help in differentiating between Loukika (worldly i.e., clamouring for attention and respect) and A-loukika i.e., other worldly. Vishnu is described as "Bhujaga shyanam" (lying on the snake) and also as Shaanthaakaaram! The bhujaga (snake) which has visha (poison) represents the vishaya (worldly desires) and when you rest upon it instead of allowing it to envelop you, you can afford to have shantham (peace). Do Sharanaagathi (unconditional surrender to the lord i.e., wish for his will to prevail but not your wish to succeed) to the Lord and become a Sarvaarambha parithyaagi i.e., one who renounces all self-centered actions.


Our ancient scriptures does not refer to any problem of family or social life and they teach the spiritual aspirant the path that leads to perfect communion with the divinity inherent in himself. Sharanaagathi is the main gate to enter the mansion of mukthi (liberation from birth-death cycle). It has four floors- Dhyaana, Karma, Bhakthi and Jnaana (meditation, activism, devotion and spiritual knowledge). The topmost floor (jnaana) cannot be reached without ascending the first three. So stop arguing the relative superiority of the yogas or label yourself as 'this' or 'that' in the Aadhyaathmik (spiritual) field.


The human life is superior to the life of not only beasts but also even to the life of the Gods. The man alone can strive to squeeze out of his objective world and find answers to questions on his own origin, significance and goal. One has to follow the measures indicated in our scriptures for clearing the mind from enmeshing obstacles and need to remove the screen that is hiding the real reality of this world which is Shaantham, Aanandham and Jnaanam i.e., Peace, Bliss and Spiritual Knowledge.


The significance of offering the coconut to the Lord after removing the fibre is that you will remove the fibre of desire for sense-objects thereby devoid of kaama and krodha i.e., desire and anger and declare that you are ego-less by breaking the coconut into two.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai