Purify your heart


Perfect freedom (i.e., freedom from externals) is not given to any man on earth. This freedom can be attained by reducing the number of wants and finally reaching to absolute desirelessness. Freedom is at your hand once you turn your mind away from the senses.


The spiritual masters speak only of things that elevate you and strengthen your spiritual discipline. Man is saved from calamities like desire, anger, delusion, pride and jealousy etc by Spiritual discipline which is like the roar of the lion:

--it gives Courage and Enterprise

--it makes man, a hero

--it drives away cowardice

--instils the highest type of confidence

--it is the strongest armour against the arrows of fate

--it acts like a waterproof against the hailstorms of sensual pleasure

--it is a curtain keeping out the mosquitoes of worry

--it makes you like a rock on the sea shore unaffected by the waves of temptation

--it reveals your own reality


You should realise that the end of this cycle of birth and death is in your own hands.  One should reach his destination i.e., Realisation by following the Restrictions, regulations, drill and techniques sincerely and steadily that are laid down for the saadhaka (spiritual aspirant). The highest spiritual discipline is to follow the instructions of the Master.


Do not run towards the mirages like desert animals to slake the thirst. The one who did the evil things is always haunted by fear and has no peace within him. Someone may claim that they mastered the senses and all low desires but they come up like grass that sprouts after the first shower after summer. One has to seek only Lord and his glory from nature and treat everything as reflection of the lord. Treat this life as a chance to gather all the joy.


Regulate the developed love in the form of virtue and service. Expand your sympathies, serve others who stand in need to the extent of your skill and resources. Do not fritter away your talents in profitless channels. Criticise yourself rather than criticising others. Always live peaceful and happy by always striving for the happiness in others.


Direct all your activities towards the purification of your hearts. Have the name of the Lord on your tongue and the form of the Lord before your eye. Lord is attracted by devotion but not by learning or scholarship as they lead you towards egoism and pride. Put into practice a fraction of what you preach about right conduct, divine love, peace, compassion, truth (dharma, prema, shaanthi, dhaya, sathya) etc.



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai