Aum Sai Ram



A king lost his way in the forest while he was out for hunting and was overcome by hunger and thirst. He saw a tiny hut of a poor wood-cutter who made his living by selling fuel in the distant villages. The wood-cutter's wife managed to bring out a roti for king. The king ate eagerly and slept soundly that noon. Later the courtiers and soldiers came to woodcutter's house and told him that the person was none other than monarch of the realm. The wood-cutter apologised for the poor fare he offered. Next day, he was called to king’s court and was offered a sandalwood plantation in the forest for his living. The wood-cutter felt relieved and he went back to his home in the forest. Later King came to know that the wood-cutter is selling charcoal by burning the sandalwood trees for his living. He did not realise the value of gift he had received. Man too does not realise the value of the precious gift  of "the number of days" of life he received from the Lord. You must recognise the high purpose of this human body and utilise this unique chance to be benefited. Do not discard a diamond dismissing it as a piece of glass. 

Once some monkeys planted saplings of mango and watered them for few days. They plucked them off the ground to see how deep the roots had gone! They wanted them to grow fast and yield fruits but they were unaware of the process by which they could get the fruits they craved for! Act right and then claim the fruit. Cultivate with care and collect the harvest. Human life is contaminated, contained and caged without Sadhana. Make the mind bakthimaya (saturated with devotion to God); transform the intelligence into jnana-dheepthi (splendour of universal wisdom); body efficient instrument for saddharmacharana (practice of righteousness). Make your life as crown and glory of humanity with sadhana. 

The three gunas i.e., Thamas, Rajas and Sathwa are drawn towards objects and binds man leaving impressions on his consciouness. Thamasic guna is like the worms that creep and crawl in dead bodies; rajasic is like the fly that sits on foul things as well as fair; sathwa guna is like the bee that visits only fragrant flowers. One has to be transcend three gunas one after the other -- thamas (lethargy) being transmuted into rajas (passionate activity) and rajas into sathwa (serenity and poise) and atlast into characteristiclessness. The flit of Namasmarana (constant remembrance of God's name) has to be used for disinfection when hearts are invaded with flies and worms. 

According to Scriptures, Krishna was born in Gokulam, grew up in Brindavan, ruled over Mathura and later reigned at Dwaraka. The significance is, Even now he is born in minds (Gokula) of Sadhaka, grow up in the heart (Brindavan), rules over the chitha (Madhura) and later installs himself as reigning monarch in the Nirvikalpa stage (Dwarka). Make krishna-thrishna (thirst for Lord) and grow through these stages to save yourself. 

Follow the rules and regulations laid down by Sanathan Dharma to attain real happiness and peace and for the best utilisation of life. Be strong and prosperous by Reforming the body, Reconstructing the mind and by regulating the way of living. Mud pot containing nectar is far better than having gold pot with poison. Make your life full of prema, humility and fear-of-sin

You can compel Lord even to provide with nectar of immortality if you have pure and steady faith in him. 


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai