The Royal Road To Truth.


Once the elders in Brindaavan who revelled in scandalising Krishna set an ordeal for Radha to test her virtue. She was given with a mud pot with a hundred holes and asked to bring water from river Yamuna to her house. She never knew the condition of the pot as she was full of Krishna-consciousness. She immersed the pot in the river repeating the name of Krishna with every intake and outtake of the breath. Everytime a hole was covered when the name of Krishna was uttered. All the holes of the pot are covered by the time it was full. Faith on Lord can affect even inanimate objects. The Grace of the Lord can be won by  Surrendering yourself to his Will but not by  little pretence of vairaagyam (non-attachment) or just a grain of viveka (discrimination).


Your real Swaroopa i.e.,the Truth lies behind the sheaths that encase and enclose you i.e., the Annamaya (Sheath of material), Praanamaya (Sheath of vital energy), Manomaya (Sheath of mind), Vijnaanamaya (Sheath of intelligence) and Aanandhamaya (Sheath of bliss). The Inner sun i.e., buddhi (intellect) is a perfect instrument for revealing the Swaruupa (the inner Truth) if it is cleared from the cobwebs of the ego, the dust of desire and the soot of greed and envy. You are like a ship without compass sailing on a stormy sea without the knowledge of Truth.


Listen to the primeval Pranava 'AUM' resounding in your heart as well as in the heart of the Universe.


Follow the royal road laid by our ancients for cultivating the spirit and for achieving the Truth instead of wandering in thorny wastes or slushy by-lanes. Follow the advise to keep your inner being happy and healthy:

-- a dose of Dhyanam (meditation) and Japam (slient repetition of holy names) as breakfast

-- Puuja and Archana (ritual worship as Lunch at noon

-- Sath-sangha (holy company) or Sath-chinthana (thinking holy thoughts) or Sath-grantha

   parayana (reading of holy books or Naama likhitha (writing of holy names) as afternoon tea

-- an hour of bhajans (devotional singing) as dinner

-- a ten-minute manana (reflection) as the cup of milk before going to bed


Do not look down on any living being in contempt, do not hate anyone and indulge in the pastime of ridiculing. Give Love, honour and friendliness in full measure to everyone. Do not indulge in meaningless talk and spend your time to learn tolerance, patience, charity and service. The Lord wants you to offer the lotus that blooms in the Lake of your Heart and the fruit that ripens on the tree of your earthly career but not the lotus and the fruit available in the market place! You will reach your goal if you have faith and steadiness in your sadhana.


There is no austerity higher than fortitude

There is no happiness greater than contentment

There is no punya (good deed) holier than mercy

There is no weapon more effective than patience




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai