Keep your Guru's Sacred Upadesa and your spiritual experiences a secret.


Once a foolish woman thought that people would admire her and congratulate her on her good fortune if she tell others how dearly her husband loved her and about the happiness she has derived from his company. Filled with extreme pride of her husband's love, she began broad-casting the experiences of hers to her friends and relations. People laughed and mocked at her and avoided the company of this immodest woman. After sometime, even her husband began to hate her for such immodest behaviours on her part. Finally, she lost everything and spent the rest of her life in utter misery.  

Similarly, good sadhakas never tell others of their Guru's upadesa or their spiritual experiences. A foolish sadhaka, proud of his initial spiritual experiences, begin to advertise them in order to draw public attention and admiration. Soon, the public will discover his vanity and he becomes the laughing stock of the people. Brother-sadhakas avoid his company as he is a man of vanity. Overweening pride makes him lose even the initial contact with the Divine that he had and thus he forfeits the spiritual experiences granted to him. Finally, he spends the rest of his life in utter misery. Keep your Guru's Sacred Upadesa and your spiritual experiences a secret. Then you will grow spiritually and reach the goal quickly. The sadhaka will dance in heavenly bliss when he realises the stage of nirvikalpa i.e., steady unchanging establishment in the ultimate reality.  

Bhakthi is best among the yukthis (the paths dictated by intelligence) to give shakthi for acquiring unshakable joy in this world which is full of sorrow and strife, grief and disappointment. Meditating on the Vishnu form in Satya-yuga (Golden age), Practicing yoga by performting great sacrifices in Treta-yuga and By performing Temple worship in dwapra-yuga were recommended to achieve perfection. But in kali-yuga (age of quarrel and disagreement because everyone have his own theory and his own philosophy), perfection can be obtained by simple method of Hari kirtana i.e., glorifying of Supreme Personality. No other means of spiritual realization is as effective in this age of quarrel and hypocrisy. 

We have difference stages of our life - the bodily concept of life, the mental concept of life, the intellectual concept of life and the spiritual concept of life. One should be concerned with the spiritual concept because those who are allured by the bodily concept are no better than dogs and cats.  When there is no reasoning like: Why am I suffering? What am I? Am I meant for suffering? Am I meant for troubles? What is the reason behind my suffereing? How to become free from all these troubles?, he is simply leading a animal life and he should understand that whatever activities he is doing will lead to his defeat. 

Frustration and confusion with materialistic life is the qualification to enter into spiritual path. You cannot manufacture a process of happiness by tackling this material energy because the material energy is not under your control but it is controlled by the supreme. All the materialistic activities of the cosmic manifestation are going on just to bring the rebellious souls back to Godhead. Anyone who rebells against the superiority of God will suffer under the stringent laws of material nature. 

Avoid factions, quarrelling, hating, scorning and fault-finding because they recoil on you;

Reduce the chances of getting angry by learning to speak little and soft;

Remember that it is only the tree full of edible fruits that is attacked with sticks and stones;

Remember that greatness will not shine and spread without scorn and contempt;

Avoid contact with the unfried minds;

Sunshine is open to everyone but if someone wishes to remain in darkness, what can the sunshine do for him?

Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai