An offering of a glimpses of  Swami's discourses compiled and lovingly shared by a devotee

You cannot deceive the Lord by insincerity or by trick.


A devotee of Hanumaan was once driving a cartload of grain to the market. On the way, the wheel got stuck and the cart could not be drawn forward by the bullocks. The cart slanted too far to one side and the bags fell on the ground. The devotee sat on the ground and started reciting the Sthothras, the 108 names and even the 1008 names. The cart did not regain balance. He began to blame Hanumaan and started reviling him for not coming to his rescue. Hanumaan appeared but only to remind him "Foolish fellow; You are reviling me for not doing the job what is really your task. Come On! Put your shoulder; engage in karma; contribute purusha prayaithana (individual effort)." You have no right to seek the intervention of the Lord without using all the talents awarded to you in a prayerful and humble mood. 

The Lord can be understood only if you approach, develop attachment, have faith and maintain unswerving loyalty to him. You cannot deceive the Lord by insincerity or by trick. The Lord is immanent in all beings and he gets done all activities through them and you can reach him only by being sincere in correcting yourself by detachment and sacrifice. He is understood only when you feel that you are only instrument and that he wills every little movement everywhere.  

Bhakthi makes one aware of the Lord, the one who sustains and supports every being. Bhakthi can grow only by method of preparation; lines of conduct; method of living; following ideals given by our ancient scriptures. The God is nothing but embodiment of Prema which is Nithya, Sathya and Nirmala i.e., Love is unchanging, sincere and pure. You are like a 'lamp without the flame' without Love i.e., blind and blinding. Pure Love is unmixed with hate and untampered with greed.  

Faith is the foundation for devotion i.e., Faith in doing good; Faith in punya (merit) and paapa (sin); faith in the series of births through which the present life is built up. Faith is essential to understand that Prema is the seed; thanmayathwam (over-powering experience of merging) is the tree and inexhaustible Aanandham is the fruit. Want of faith is the source of weakness in all fields. Cultivate faith and detachment because the pride, envy, malice and hatred will fly away when you leave off sense pleasures.  

The senses can perform only one operation for the gathering of knowledge where as the divine is beyond all sensations and systems. You cultivate your divinity in proportion to the Saadhana you do and the handicaps you have brought down from previous births. Divinity is beyond the intellect and it is impossible to reach using your limited senses and it is independent of all restrictions and modes. The aanandha (Spiritual joy) derived from the worship of the name and form is far more desirable than money, gold and grain. You should realise the dhehi (the indeweller) in the dheha (body) and the Nami (person designated) by the Nama (name).  

Practice silent communion with the Divine which helps you in the slow infiltration of elation into the inner consciousness. Once you rise to the higher level of consciousness and live at that level, all those events cease to have the same meaning and have less and less effect on you. Instead, you remain happy and calm at all times by merely observing events as they come and go.  

Revere elders and take to heart the advice they give out of their mature wisdom and experience. Become "Children Of Immortality (Amrithasya Puthraah)" in every moment of your lives by crossing the ocean of death and birth.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai