Once a highly intellectual young man converted his bicycle into a beautiful looking horse made of mud. He went on pretending that it was a horse with mysterious powers and could do anything like a real horse. One day he went on joy-ride with his comrades who rode real horses. They came across a stream. The young man thought within himself: "The mud pots remain intact in water and so my horse will remain intact in water." The mud-horse collapsed in the mid-stream drowning the rider burying him in the river-bed. Everyone understood that the horse was made of unbaked mud and went on their way.


Similarly, A psuedo sadhaka pretends that he has mysterious powers and more mysterious jnana after getting byheart some texts and commentaries. He always rides abreast with Brahma-Jnanis and talks on equal terms with them. The spiritual path is filled with dangers and trials. At the critical moment, his intelligence vanishes, his knowledge deserts him and his Vairagya gives way. He perishes miserably because his Vairagya has not been baked properly in the fire of Viveka and Mumukshutva. The real jnanis and Yogis surmount all obstacles and overcome all dangers fearlessly and joyously. Hearing to discourses, nodding in approval or clapping in appreciation are not enough. One has to swallow and digest the morsel that is put into the mouth.


Prema (divine love) is the motive power in Karma Yoga; it is the very breath of Bhakthi Yoga; It is universal and infinite in Jnaana; it sees the Lord everywhere and in everything when vairaagya has been achieved. The Lord is nearest to you; right before you; behind the door of delusion (curtain of ignorance); The fog of sensual pleasure is hiding him for you; Develop close association with Lord so that he will reveal himself to you.

Switch on the light of wisdom to remove the darkness and make him visible.


One day Krishna pretended to be fast asleep with the flute carelessly thrown aside by his side. Raadha approached the fortunate flute and asked it in plaintive terms, "O lucky Murali! Tell me how did you earn this great good fortune. What was the vow you observed, the vigil you kept, the pilgrimage you accomplished, what was the manthra you recited, what was the idol you worshipped?" The Flute got a voice through Lord's grace and said: "I rid myself of all sensual desire, envy, greed and ego. I had no feeling of ego left to obstruct the flow of His prema through Me to all creation." Be like the flute i.e., a hollow reed, straight, light and with no substance to hinder Lord's breath. The Lord will pick you up and breath divine music through you with a delicate touch.


Remember and ruminate over the sweetness of the relationships of simple cowherds of Brindavan with the lord; the deep self-abnegating devotion of Radha; the reverent affection of Udhava towards the lord; yearning of Gopees for the company of the Lord. Love towards God without canker of jealousy will help you to free your mind from inferior impulses and helps to deepen your faith in the supreme. 


The infinitesimal will be transmuted into the Infinite; the anu (light atom) will be transformed into the ghana (heavy solid) in the hands of Lord.



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai