Once a thief listened quite accidentally to the chants of Krishna during childhood and also heard the description of the ornaments he wore. He developed a great desire to rob those precious treasures. He asked pundit where exactly Krishna would be tending the cows alone with his elder brother. The Pundit told him, 'In Brindavan and on Yamuna bank'. The thief immedietly hurried off to Brindavan planning to catch Krishna alone and deprive him of the ornaments. Sure enough, he met the charming boy alone next morning at the head of his hed of cows. But, he forgot his mission after seeing the loving and charming bluish child. He was afraid that the removal of even one ornament would reduce the lustre and so, his heart did not allow him to do that. He remained lost in ecstacy till Krishna himself asked him. Finally, Krishna gave him all the jewels he wore. The thief was overcome with shame and joy. He fell the boy's feet and left the place with the jewels. He came to his village and showed the Pundit all the jewels. The pundit fell at the robber's feet. Faith can work wonders. It can compel the Lord to manifest himself.


The Lord is everywhere, in the house, outside it, before, behind, beside the bhaktha; but, men  do not recognise Him or realise the value of recognising Him. When the Bhaktha takes one step towards Lord, He takes ten steps towards him. The Lord is the source, sustenance, strength and unseen foundation on which your life is built. No leaf can turn, no blade of grass can quiver without his will. There will be no fear anymore once you know that Lord is the Omnipotent power and he is the mainspring of your life. Due to lack of this faith, this has become an Age of Fear, Anxiety and Ashanthi.


Now, Man is the child of Immortality (Amrithaputhra) swirling along helplessly towards death! The little ego in him is fed into a huge conflagration by the mind and the senses and he is caught in the fire of distress. Egoism makes him see glory in petty achievements, happiness in trivial acquisitions, joy in temporary authority over others. The immortal in Man is awaiting discovery to confer bliss and liberation from birth and death. There is a definite technique by which Immortal spark can be discovered. There is no short-cut to this consummation. One has to give up all the impediments which one has accumulated so far and become light for the journey. All pet tendencies like Lust, greed, anger, malice, conceit, envy,hate have to be shed. Man can be certified as healthy only when he is fully conscious of his reality and is gladly striving to reach it. The immortal spark in Man can be discovered. Experience of the supreme Bliss is the greatest happiness and there is no happiness higher than this.


All acts must contribute to the elevation of character; the purification of the emotions,  passions and impulses that infest the mind; the broadening of the vision; and for strengthening of man's bonds with the Universal of which he is a part. You should know that the Athma is your Reality and it is the same inner force of this universe. Analyse yourself and discover the several layers of Consiousness - the Physical, the sensory, the nervous, the mental and the intellectual before arriving the very core of last layer i.e., the layer of joy. The five sheaths have to be transcended so that you may attain your truth i.e., the Athma.


The Athma can be grasped only by a sharpened intellect and a pure mind. The mind can be purified by starving it to the bad food (objective pleasures) and feeding it on the wholesome food i.e.,thought of God. The intellect will be sharp if it is devoted to discrimination between the transient and the eternal. You will derive pure and permanent joy by letting your thoughts concentrated on God's name and form. That is the reason, Namasmarana has so much importance among all sadhanas. Control over sense organs can be attained by singing the names of the Lord devoutly and fervently.


The Gopees desired to listen only to Krishna's Glory, Krishna's Charm, Krishna's Words, Krishna's Pranks, Plays, Pastimes, Krishna's Achievements, His Attainments. When you fill yourselves with love for Krishna (Krishna Prem), you achieve saaruupya and saayuujya (likeness of form and absorption into Krishna). Strive for that consummation, not for lesser victories.


-          SATHYA SAI


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai