Manifest your Divinity


A hermit once met the Cholera Goddess on the road returning from a village where she had thinned the population. He asked her how many she had taken into her lap. She replied, "Only ten." But, really speaking, the casualties were a hundred. She explained, "I killed only ten; the rest died out of fear!". The man will give no room for weakness or cowardice if he knows that his reality is Aathmaswaruupa (Self-embodied) and Abhayaswaruupa (Fearlessness-embodied).

You are born with the cry 'Koham' (who am I). You must have the declaration 'Soham' (I am He) on your smiling face when you depart. Canalise your energy and intelligence into moral activites and socially harmonising programmes. Contribute to the expansion of love, the purification of motives, the enlargement of sympathy, the tolerance of difference and for the respect for individual striving. Do not strive for titles that come by canvass support but strive for the title given by upanishads proclaim for spiritual aspirants i.e., Amrithasya Puthraah (Children of Immortality).  

Raama upheld Dharma even under the most trying circumstances. Vibheeshana prayed that Raama himself should crown him in the city of Lanka for his Coronation after the death of Ravana. Rama declared that his vow and his father's orders did not allow him to set foot in a city during the years of exile. So, the function was attended only by Sugreeva and others. Raama thus demonstrated by his actions how scrupulously Dharma had to be observed. Practice is the real thing in spiritual matters. The Godward path is action based on righteousness (karma based on Dharma) and this leads towards joy, contentment and of strength.

Every one's heart is a Dharmakshethra (the scene of Mahaabhaaratha war) where the battle between the forces of good and evil is fought. Give time for aloukika Aathmaanandham (Bliss of the Self) instead of lowering your ideals for the sake of cheap fame or vulgarise public taste like loukika sringaram (world enjoyment of sex). Develop the culture to cultivate mental calm, mental courage and to make kinship with everyone else. Every individual with virtue, courage, patriotism, love of Dharma and generosity can realise and manifest the Lord within the heart. An individual is called Vyakthi (in telugu) because we expect him to make vyaktha i.e., manifest his divinity.

You feel religion a burden and a hurdle as long as God is believed to be only in temples and holy places. Scholarship is a burden and it is very often a handicap. You feel light, burdenless and even strong if you plant Lord in your heart. You should reach your destination i.e., Realisation without getting down at middle stations i.e., karma and upaasana (action and contemplation). You will arrive at the Goal by keeping the memory of the Lord and his glory always with you because God is the life-breath of every soul. It does not matter whether you have any faith on Lord or not but have faith in yourselves because each one of you is divinity.

If there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in character.

If there is beauty in character, there is harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.


Penukonda: Jubilee Celebrations of the Coronation of Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire,  17-2-1964;    Venkatagiri: 18-2-1964 


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai