Man should realise that his entire soul belongs to God and thus, his heart should be offered in its entirety to God. Man is suffering despair and defeat on account of waywardness and unsteadiness of his consciousness due to his inability to control buddhi and mind. Since the Consciousness is not capable of moving itself, it must be attached to Buddhi and Manas i.e., the intelligence and mind. So at first, the buddhi and manas are trained by japam and dhyanam to proceed in the direction in which the Antah-karana is eager to reach otherwise they (buddhi and mind) lead the consciousness to Confusion, Injustice, Cruelty, Indiscipline and Falsehood.

Consciousness - Japam and Dhyanam

Dhyanam is the best sadhana to one's life internally as well as externally by acquiring one-pointed attention on the Lord; by casting off sensory attachments and by attaing the joy derived from the absolute. Dhyanam will bestow not only happiness and victory but even the vision of the Lord if performed strictly and enthusiastically with full faith and care according to the disciplines laid down. Man's life assumes a new splendour when he realises and visualies the satchidananda when manas and buddhi are purified and transformed by means of dhyanam.

Everyone is endowed with unlimited powers. But we discard them and leaves them unused because we are ignorant of the process of benefiting by them. Dhyanam is the process by which one can use his intellect to focus his mind in one direction and train the mind to acquire concentration. When the rays of the sun are concentrated through a piece of magnifying glass, the scattered rays develop the power of a flame to burn and consume. Similarly, when the waves of buddhi and one-pointed concentrated mind are plunged in the contemplation of the Name of the Lord and converged through lens of Atma, they manifest as the Divine Splendour which can scorch evil and illumine Joy.

By meditating on Paramatma, the mind will withdraw from sense-objects and from sensory world. Then Buddhi will assert its authority and command the manas not to entertain any feeling except the thought of Fundamental basis. When the mind knows its basic truth, it welcomes blossoming of joy, Happiness and Truth and it will not be affected by sorrow and grief.

Requisites for Satwic Dhyanam

One should consider Japam-Dhyanam as primary duty and suffer any amount of trouble for its sake;

One should be fully convinced that all other than Absolute is just an illusion;

One should do only good under all conditions and at all times;
One should desire only the good of all and always be loving towards all;

One should spend time uninterruptedly in the remembrance and meditation of the Lord;

One should not crave even for the fruit of the Japam and Dhyanam and leave all to the Lord;

It is possible to win the grace of the Lord very quickly if the path of Dhyanam is rigorously followed in this manner.

Idol worship helps Consciousness to reach Home (God)

An advocate was leaving the house in order to go to the Court. Just as he stepped on the road, he found that his turban was loose. As he took the next step, it collapsed and the entire length of the turban-cloth lay on the ground. He started tying it up again on his head but he could not. He looked around and discovered a dome-light which was the size of this own head at the foot of the staircase to his head. He ran towards it and tied the turban around it suggesting to himself that it was his head. Now he was perfectly successful. He then removed the neatly tied turban from the dome and placed on his own head and walked away to the Court. Similary, The man trying to leave this worldly atmosphere (i.e., of pain and death) to go to the Court of the Supreme Monarch, finds that his turban (the mind) is loose and it is out of shape and it is lying all over the place. He tries to gather it together and make out of it a beautiful turban for his head; in other words, to do Samadhi with one-pointed mind to reach the Sahasrara at the crown of the head. He fails every time he tried. The Consciousness residing in the Sahasrara is too subtle for him to see and tie his mind upon. He looks around himself. He finds an image of the Lord. For a moment he feels that it is as good as God or the Supreme Consciousness itself. He fastens the mind on to this image. When all the mind has been firmly gathered on the image, then he quickly removes it from the image and raises it to the Sahasrara i.e., to the Supreme Consciousness. Then he walks away happily to the Court of the Supreme Monarch, God.

Signifance of Krishna

Bhagawatham says that Krishna was born in Gokulam, grew up in Brindavan, Ruled over Madhura and later reigned in Dwaraka. The signifance is, Krishna is born (even now) in mind (Gokulam); grows up in heart (Brindavan), rules over chitta (Madhura) and later install himself as reigning monarch in the Nirvikalpa stage (Dwarka). Every one of us has to go through these stages to reach the Godhead.

The ultimate goal of everyone is to take his Consciousness back to its home (God) from where it has come from. Let each one of us begin dhyanam from today and from this moment.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai