Prashaanthi Nilayam, 1963

Cultivate Jnana (Supreme Knowledge)



Human birth becomes worthwhile when you cultivate jnaana (Supreme knowledge) and visualise the lord in all things and activities. You cannot get the ever-lasting peace without knowing or experiencing the root cause of the base. You realise that this material world is just of conglomeration of good and bad when it is studied and analysed. The light will dawn on you after you have acquired Sathya, Dharma, Shaanthi and Prema. Equip yourself with the strength that is necessary to be virtuous and to resist temptation and the lures of the objective world. Dedicate all your efforts to the Lord; accept all achievements and failures as proofs of the Grace of the Lord. Transform all the six passions into instruments for spiritual uplift.


You must tread the spiritual path with an uncontrollable urge to reach the Goal; you must cultivate the yearning for liberation from all this encumbrance. You have to dwell in a house built on four stout pillars: dharma, artha, kaama, and moksha (righteousness, wealth, desire and liberation); Dharma supporting artha, and moksha being the only kaama or desire. You cannot have peace and lasting content unless you tap the springs of aanandha (Supreme bliss) within you.


The attitude of Nishkaama (without selfish desire) is acquired by dedication which is possible by keeping intense faith in god. Faith is the breath of victory. Your journey towards your goal is through Nishkaama karma i.e., the exertion of the kaaya (body) for the liberation of the soul imprisoned therein. Come out of the ignorance that "I am saving others" and know that all individuals are waves on the surface of the self-same ocean. Attachment and hatred are the greatest enemies in the spiritual progress. The snake of karma is rendered harmless when the poison fangs (desire for gain) are pulled out.


Do not get wild when you cannot afford to cloth as you wish or get the various frills of finery that you wish for. Cultivate sweet temper and speak straight from heart without anger or spite and without any artificiality or formality. You will find that you become tough enough to bear both good fortune and bad by denying many of the things your mind runs after. Have faith in essential divine qualities attainable by earnest practice and the exercise of vairaagyam (detachment). Remember that Gunaposhana (nourishing the good qualities) is as important as deha-poshana (nourishing the body). You are considered to be strong when you have qualities i.e., intelligence, discipline, spiritual capacity, cosciousness of other's excellences, awareness of one's faults and eagerness to improve yourself.


Viveka is the capacity to see things in their proper proportion, to evaluate the temporary and the lasting, the particular and the universal, the shallow and the deep. The knowledge that does not confer vinaya and viveka (modesty and wisdom) is sheer waste of precious time. The knowledge of the Aathma is the remedy of Ashaanthi i.e., unrest, confusion and the moral crisis.


The journey of every man is towards the cemetery i.e., to the moment of death; so do not delay the duty you must carry out for your own lasting good that will save you from further deaths. Recognise that you are Shiva (God) before you become a shava (corpse); All the raindrops that fall from the sky cannot manage to reach the sea but only those that flow into a flowing river attain the goal because they yearn to reach their source.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai