There was a good-natured millionaire in the town. Three beggars thought of approaching him for help. The first went to the millionaire and said: "O Lord! Please give five rupees." The millionaire was taken aback at this man's impudence and said, "What! You demand five rupees from me as though I owe you the money! How dare you? Here, take these two rupees and get away". The Second went to the millionaire and said: " Maharaj! I have not taken a square meal for the past ten days. Please help me". The millionaire said, "take this ten rupee note. You can have nice food for at least three days". The third beggar came and said: "Maharaj! I have heard about your noble qualities. Therefore, I have come to have your Darshan. Men of such charitable disposition are verily the manifestations of God on earth". The millionaire was happy and offered him place to sit and decent food to fill his stomach. Later, The millionaire requested beggar to remain with him, built a decent house for him in his compound and looked after him for the rest of his life.


God is like this good millionaire. Three classes of people approach him with three different desires and prayers. The first approach with full of vanity, arrogance, desires and demands objects of worldly enjoyment. The Lord grants him some part of the desired objects. The second approach the Lord for relief from the sufferings of the world but he is ready to abide by Lord's will. The Lord grants him full relief from suffering and bestows much wealth and property. The third(Jnani) approaches and praises Lord but expects nothing. But the Lord is highly pleased with his spirit of renunciation, desirelessness and of self-surrender. Therefore, he grants him supreme devotion and make him to live in his own house(Vaikuntha). Afterwards, This jnani-Bhaktha dwells in Lord's abode as a Liberated Sage. There is no limit for Universal Mother's(Lord) Love.


Love is of three kinds - First, The love that is concentrated on oneself is like a bulb that illuminates the room without shedding light outside the four walls. It is confined to the senses and never opens out to others. Second, The Love that is larger and deeper which expands into the members of one's family. It is like a moonlight not strong enough to make things clear but enough to move about. It undergoes rise and fall, increase and decrease. Third, This is the most desirable type of Love which is like Sunlight that always engages in purifying, activating, illumining and knows no distinction. This love will make man act ever in the spirit of dedication to the Lord. The One who attains the third kind of Love will perform acts that would be elevating and holy.


Man is miserable only due to his perverseness and stupidity. He should know that the illness that is torturing him is due to not giving up greed and lust; not giving up the habit of catering to the senses; not giving up the belief that he is just this body. Assimilate the virtues of sathya, dharma, shaanthi and prema (truth, righteousness, peace and divine love) into your character so that you will shine with fine mental and physical health. "Uddhareth aathma-na athmaanam": "Save yourself by yourself". University degrees will not give, riches cannot buy, kinsmen cannot hand over and teachers cannot confer the pre-requisites for Shaanthi. Shanthi is attained by only Faith and Devotion.


The cause of the most chronic discease of man is Ajnana(i.e., Ignorance of the undying Athma within him) is due to infatuation for the objective world, subservience of senses, the undue prominence given to the body and imagining body to be touchstone of value. The body is like a temporary shelter where you reside for a short while on your jouney to your goal i.e.,kaivalyam (Liberation) which gives the highest bliss. Be a true bhaktha and become so small that you wriggle out of the shackles of the senses or be a true jnaani and become huge so that you escape by breaking the shackles.


Believe in the Lord but not in the little things. Do not keep your trust in little men, wicked men and in men who are vicious and greedy. Instead, develop faith and keep trust in the Lord who is more merciful than any father, more loving than any mother, more powerful than any earthly authority and more considerate than any kinsman. One has to remember the Name of God and deepen faith in God to cultivate the attitude of dedication. Dwell on the Naama so that its sweetness will saturate your tongue and improve your taste. The Lord will respond if you call him atleast once from the depths of feeling. He will be deaf even if you call him a million times automatically, artificially.


You cannot offer full heart to the Lord if it has leaks of Egoism, pride, thirst for fame because sweetness will be drained away through the leaks.

-          SATHYA SAI


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai