You are the Deathless Aathma



In Gajendra Moksha, the wild elephant is the jeevi (the individual) full of sensual greed and blind with delusion. It entered the tank of samsaara (flux) of the objective world. It was caught by crocodile (egoism) in the vice of its teeth and pulls down deeper and deeper into the mire of Samsaara. The elephant (individual) appeals in complete sharanaagathi (surrender) to the Lord after struggling by itself for a long time until pride is exhaused and its faith in its own powers is spent. The Lord sends Sudharshana i.e., the inward look that takes him away from the sense objects. The egoism is destroyed and the jeevi is freed as soon as this sight is cultivated.


The Lord manifests himself to show his grace and to remind when humanity forgets that this is a play and starts assuming it real. Be thankful to the Lord that he gave you time as well as action to fill it with. Each and every second in your life is new and it is a gift, a chance, an opportunity, a thing to be celebrated and to be used for your uplift. Each second is a fresh chance given to you for training the mind, refining the intellect, purifying the emotions, strengthening the will, for getting confirmed in the conviction that you are the deathless Aathma (Self, the Infinite Consciousness).


The mother-cat takes hold of the new born kitten and shifts it from place to place seven times within few days of its birth so that its eyes might open and it might see! The kitten get proper vision after going through seven transfers. But man does not get the vision even after he is shifted from womb to womb a million times! This is the tragedy of ignorance and sloth.


The cataract grows in the eye and robs its efficiency. So too, Ignorance which is the cataract of the inner eye blinds the intellect and robs its efficiency so that it cannot see the divinity of your real nature. It misleads you into the impression that you are man (Maanava) but not God (Maadhava). Do not take the world more seriously than it deserves.  Man gets trapped in the cage that spins out of his own mind like the silk-worm that spins cocoon out of itself that proves to be its tomb. Keep out the demeaning, debasing and the deleterious impulses, motives and incentives that enter your mind.


Bhakthi is the river Ganga, Vairaagyam (detachment) is the river Yamuna and Jnaana is the river Saraswathi of spiritual Triveni i.e., confiuence of three rivers. Bhakthi must mean the promotion of an attitude of humility. The result of divine knowledge or intense Bhakthi is realising the unity of all in divine essence. The mind will grow tame once it is assigned the task of serving the Lord. It is no good in showing external signs of enthusiasm like attending temples and singing devotional songs loudly with cymbals in your hands. God watches the bhaavam (the thought power behind) but not the baahyam (the outward pomp). Make Raama as deity on the throne in your heart and utilise kaama as his servent. Meditate by developing Samadhrishti (Samam means "Brahmain", the absolute reality) and fix your urge on the Nithya, the Sathya, the Nirmala and the Nischala -- the Eternal, the Real, the Pure and the Immovable.


Improve your behaviour and character. The riches, status, salary, children, relatives, fame and the standard of living are all of minor interest, momentary value and dubious profit. Be in worldly life but do not allow it to get into you. Do not exhaust your money and energy in the pursuit of frivolity (i.e., unworthy), thrill and excitement.



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai