Truth alone can confer Mangalam (Auspiciousness)


Prashaanthi Nilayam, 1963

An ignorant man is like a dog caught in a room whose walls are mirrors. The dog sees all the myriad reflections as rivals, competitors and other dogs. It tires itself out by jumping on these reflections and becomes mad with fury. The wise man sees himself everywhere and he is happy that there are so many reflections of himself all around him. This is the attitude one should possess that will save from needles of bother. Falsehood and grief are ugly because they are unnatural. Truth alone can confer Mangalam (Auspiciousness) which is the real beauty. Nectar will not lose its savour or taste though poured into a brass cup. Poison will not lose its death-dealing property even poured into a cup of gold set with gems. 

Both good and evil have the right to exist. The evil has to be used for the purpose for which it is suited. The skin of the orange is not sweet but it helps to protect the sweetness within and gradually takes on some of the sweetness and flavour of the ripening orange. So too, evil has to be slowly transformed into good by the subtle influence of association. The fault lies in you. What you see in the outside world is what you feel inside. 

Prakrithi is the leela of the Lord set before you so that you may become aware of his Glory and his splendour. Use the Indhriyas for the purpose of increasing spiritual Aanandham (bliss) by tasting the sweetness (divinity) immanent in prakrithi (the Nature) which is around us. Bhagavath prema (steady Love of the Lord) is like a mosquito curtain to keep out the disease-carrying moha and madha (delusion and pride), kaama and krodha (lust and anger), lobha and maathsarya (greed and jealousy). 

That truth can be cognised by minds trained through Dwaithic (dualistic) worship of the personal God and Visishtaadhwaithik emphasis of the jeevi as the limb of the Absolute. Each person has a different conception of God and of goodness according to his upbringing and the state of purification of his impulses. When water is let into the fields, you will find sheets of different shapes---circular, rectangular, oval, square, according to the shape of the fields. The fertility or the quantity of the crops harvested do not vary according to the geometrical correctness of the shapes. The real test is how far and how fast you have established attachment with god. The rest does not matter. 

Develop unshaken faith so that you may love without doubt whatever may happen. Everyone must take up Bhakthi-Karma (devotional activity) and slowly ascend to the stage of full Jnaana (knowledge of the Supreme). The goddess Lakshmi will favour you to the extent necessary for realising the goal if you keep the lakshya (the Goal) of expanding your love till it embraces all beings and till it sees every being as your own self. The divine mother pats the child and wakes it when the mind follows the outward-bound senses and forgets the Reality and the individual revels in the dream-world of false fantasy. Adhwaitha shows you the way to something that is already there but which you did not recognise so far i.e., you are the unlimited and illimitable Brahman. 

Don't play forever in the dehabhaava i.e., you are just this five-foot body. The individual gains when the mind obeys the dictates of buddhi. Your right is to realize Vishwaswaruupa (cosmic nature). You must acquire the freedom of the spirit called Swaraajya (dominion over oneself).  Life is a Dharmak-sethra (battlefield) where duties and desires are always in conflict. Smother the fiery fumes of desire, hatred and anger that rise up in your hearts. It is sheer cowardice to yield to these enemies that turn you into beasts. Meet the obstacles with courage as they harden you and make you tough.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       --SATHY SAI

Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai