Curb the Power of Desires

If a house is set on fire, it is violence; if Hanumaan sets fire to Lanka, it is justifiable retribution and a good lesson. If a dacoit cuts off your hand, it is himsa (injury); if the doctor amputates it, he saves your life and it is ahimsa (non-injury). Daksha yajna (ritual sacrifice) was converted into a battle because Parameshwara was not present; the Kurukshethra battle was transformed into a Yajna because Parameshwara (Lord Krishna) was present there. Arjuna dedicated himself at the Lord's Feet; Daksha scorned the Lord. It all lies in the bhaava (the motive) and the inspiration behind the act and the word. Vishaya vaasana (attachment to sense objects) makes an act low and Bhagavath vaasana (attachment to God) makes it sacrosanct.


Do not waste your valuable time in condemning someone's faith or attracting people into a new faith. Always engage in fostering the positive attitude in spiritual effort. Do not use harsh word when referring to another's faith as faith is a precious plant and harshness might make it wither. Know the truth and experience the Aanandha (bliss).


First cleanse your own minds and then start advising others. Earn mental peace and strength for yourself and then try to secure them for others. Learn the secret of lasting happiness yourself and then endeavour to make others happy. Be yourself what you tell the other man to be. People will follow only the man who speaks out of personal experience.


The first step in spiritual training is to curb the Icchaa shakthi (power of desires) which prompts the senses to pursue objects. If the iccha (wish) is for God it is good; if for objective pleasure it harms the individual. Ashaanthi (confusion and turmoil) is due to the multiplication of wants and desire for sensual pleasure instead of spiritual contentment.


You miss your sahaja (natural) qualities i.e., prema, shaanthi, sathya and aanandha in the complex tangle of artificiality which is a-sahaja i.e., hate, falsehood, grief and greed. Activities like the earning of wealth, reputaion, fame and publicity result in suffering. Karmas are divided into vikarma (intentionally done) and akarma (without any intention to gain the consequence). The latter will save yourselves from suffering.


Do Naamasmarana in some set manner with full faith and pure heart. Your mind is steady when it is engaged in other activities but begins to waver when it is focussed on God. Have the Naamam (God's Name) on your tongue, the Ruupa (Divine Form) in your eye and the Mahima (Divine Glory) in your heart which helps to tame the mind and stop its vagaries. The repetition of the Name of the Lord will keep out evil tendencies and wicked thoughts and it will help to radiate love all round you.


Pray the lord and seek his grace for Jnaana bhiksha, Prema bhiksha, Bhakthi bhiksha, Anugraha bhiksha (alms of spiritual knowledge, love, devotion and grace). Get the doctor who would assure, "here-after your will not fall ill" and not the doctor who gives some relief to the present attack.



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai