Prashaanthi Nilayam, 1963



There was a person who proclaimed himself a Sthithaprajna (established in super-consciousness) and an adept in Yoga. He went into Samaadhi in a trice and sent his Kundalini Shakthi (inner cosmic energy) to the Brahmarandhra (crown of the head)! Then he got himself buried in the river bed; but he rose after a few days and started asking for Cash contributions from onlookers! It was a descent from the sublime to the ridiculous.


Everyday you are practicising the truth that you are not the body for atleast six hours even since birth i.e., in sleep. The senses are in-operative, intelligence is in abeyance and mind creates a world of its own for sometime and it lapses into inactivity during sleep. Sleep is the nearest point you reach in your journey to Samaadhi (super-conscious state). You will lose the sense of identification with the body by becoming aware of your reality.


Death comes swooping like the falcon on chicken feeding on the ground. The kind of death does not bring a noose when he comes to drag people to his abode. The victim manufactures his own karma-paasa (noose resulting from action) and winds round himself awaits for the arrival of the end. One should get trained in the art of acquiring mental peace to meet the life calmly and bravely with the secret of attaining the state of equanimity. This knowledge helps to meet the crisis of death that is inevitable.


Transform all the six passions into instruments and the craving for the sense objects into a instrument for worship and use them for your spiritual uplift. The senses revel without limit when the Aathma is ignored. You cannot be pronounced healthy with the poison of raaga and dhwesha (attachment and hatred) inside you. Have the Sanathana (ancient) spirit in the heart and change the hearts into Parnashaalas full of ideals and aspirations of the sages charged with simplicity and sincerity moved by the urge to expand in love to all beings.


Do help with pious hearts and well-earned money for any good purpose. One should help out of the fullness of his heart, on his own initiative and gladly after studying the purpose. Good works never languish at any cost because the Lord will come to their rescue. Do not lose heart for the delay in doing good works. Do not do the things too garish, too ramshackle, too costly and too fragile. You will succeed when you carry any work in a spirit of humility and fortitude. Patience and strenuous effort will get rewarded. Dedicate all your efforts to the Lord and accept all achievements and failures as proofs of the Grace of the Lord.


The spiritual saadhana should result in simple living with contentment and undisturbed calm. Keep away from the Aanandha that one derives from the senses which does not disclose the source of Aanandha to the individual that he has within himself. One has to gain knowledge that you are really Aathma with the five sheaths which you have super-imposed on it. All the riches are obtained by dwelling upon the directions given by guru in the silence of meditation. Everyone can become Bhagavaan (divine) himself by living in Aathma thathwam (true nature of self) and by merging separate individual jeevas (souls) in the ocean of the Universal Aatham.


“The man weeps and pray for me to keep him alive or prays to me to receive him. But I know the both sides of the picture i.e., the past and the present, the crime and the punishment, achievement and the reward. I carry out what is just modified by grace. My nature is Nithya-aanandham (eternal bliss) and not affected by one way or the other. You can share in that Aanandham by following by instructions and by practicing what I say.”


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai