You manufacture the rope of Paasa (snare) to give hold to the God of Death (Yama).  Paasa is a three-stranded rope i.e., Ahamkaara, Vishayavaasana and kaama (Egoism, Sense-attachment and Desire). Your ever lasting happiness is robbed by kaama (desire) which is father of two-headed son i.e., krodha-lobha (anger-greed). Illusion haunts man as kaama or thrishna (desire) which in turn calls for sabdha, sparsha, ruupa, rasa and gandha---the qualities of the Five Elements of which man is the complex;


sabdha of Aakaasha (space) -- Man is prompted by the element of space in him to seek sweet sounds

                                                 that satisfy the ear

sparsha of vayu (air)            -- Man is prompted by the element of air in him to run after smooth and  

                                                soft things that yield pleasure to the skin

ruupa of Agni (fire)             -- Man is prompted by the element of fire in him to pursue things that

                                                by beauty of form appeal to the eye

rasa of jala (water)               -- Man is prompted by the element of water in him to crave for food and

                                                drink that are tasty to the tongue

gandha of earth (earth)        -- Man is prompted by the element of earth in him by the inner urge to

                                                 cater to the nose


Always keep check on the destructive force of your elemental passions born out of the clamour of sabdha, sparsha, ruupa, rasa and gandha (sound, touch, form, taste and smell) and bring it down to tolerable levels just like the bodily mechanism controls and modulates the insufferable heat of sun to the congenial temperature of 98.4 degrees.


Ignorance can be cured only by knowledge i.e., revealing of the light that is overladen by repressing factors. Our ancient scriptures, Gurus and Paramahamsas (ascetics of the highest order) can save you from the disaster of deep-seated ignorance and can teach you the process by which you discover the glory i.e., the splendour encased in you if you have the desire to taste it and manifest it to get transformed yourself into fullness. Everyone has to prepare for this flash of illumination.


The "The Liberation from night" is called Moksha. 'Mo' indicates Moha (delusion i.e., deluded by the scintillating, the gaudy, the transitory and temporary trash) and 'ksha' means kshya (decline i.e., disappearance and destruction). The Liberation is the end of calamity, death of all grief -- grief that will no more be born, birth of joy -- joy that knows no decline. One can prepare himself by keeping the flights of your mind always on the straight path towards liberation and away from these deluding attractions. Take on a form of manthra (manthraswaruupam); pronounce it and meditate on it with accurate care and steady attention tuning it to the voice of within you.


The fundamental reason for the hollowness (i.e., hate and fear) of human life is that he is judging, labelling and even libelling other men without knowing the answer to the simple question, "Who am I?".  Do not revel in low company; toil and sweat as the slave of mean passions that drag you into disgrace being unaware of your divine status. Do not try to become experts in the silly short-lived trivialities of social life or sensual pleasure. Take the role of the hero and shine instead of making yourself content with the minor role of a clown or a clout. Be like the lotus which rises above the waters by sheer will-power to see the sun and be inspired by its rays.



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai