Egoism is the most dangerous illusion



One day Krishna brought the chariot back to camp from the battle field. Arjuna wanted Krishna should get down first and the master (Arjuna himself) should get down later after the charioteer (Krishna) opens the door for him. Krishna refused and insisted that Arjuna should get down first. Arjuna got down and as soon as Krishna left his seat and touched the ground, the chariot went up in flames! The fact was that the various fiery arrows that had the power of burning the chariot had hit the target. Their igniferous powers could not manifest themselves due to the presence of Krishna. Arjuna was humiliated and his egoism had a rude shock and he came to know that every action of Krishna was full of significance. Egoism is the most dangerous illusion that has to be exploded and destroyed.


Inaugurate the Superior Path by turning the intellect towards superior path and resolving to begin the remembrance of the Supreme Lord's Name, Ritual Worship and Divine Service (Naamasmarana of Paramaathma, archana and aaraadhana). One has to offer his life at the feet of the Lord at an auspicious moment. All spiritual practice must be directed to the removal of the husk (body consciousness) and the revelation of the kernel (Atma). You get unconquerable strength once you say and feel, 'Aham Brahmaasmi' (I am Brahman).


Man has poison everywhere i.e., his eye, his tongue, his mind, his intelligence, his gait and his brain. Man should not take to untruth, wickedness and crookedness as they denote a fundamental fatal trait of cowardice and weakness. Weakness is born of accepting a lower image of yourself as true. Soil is valued according to the preciousness of the metal which it has and so too, the hearts are evaluated by the contents. The hearts will be most precious when you keep God in your hearts. Keep your 'Flower of the heart' (hridhayapushpam) at the lotus feet of Lord and get rid of all the pests that infest it i.e., the Six enemies of Man (Kama, krodha .. etc).


You can play any role on the world stage if you never forget that you are the Infinite Consciousness (Aathman). Fill your mind with Divine plays of the Lord and his glory. The meditation will help you to realise the depths of your own personality and its infinite possibilities for ensuring peace and happiness (shaanthi and soukhyam). Everyone has to come to conclusion that there is a limit to the capacity of man to control events and beyond that limit, an unseen hand takes over the wheel of events.


Resolve every second of your life to engage only in virtuous deeds, good thoughts and good company. Let your mind dwell on elevating thoughts. Do not waste a single moment of your waking time in idle gossip or vain boasting or demeaning recreations. Do good things, speak soft and sweet, never injure or insult another, serve those in need and keep the image of God ever before the mind's eye while life persists. You can see God everywhere even in the objective world (Sarvam Brahmayam i.e., all is Brahman).


He, who is deluded by this relative reality is the worldly person (Samsaari); he who is aware that it is only relatively real is the spiritual practitioner (Saadhaka).



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai