A Foolish Man


A foolish man had a good cow which yielded plenty of milk. He was astonished that day after day he could get from the cow eight seers of milk in the morning and an equal quantity in the evening. He noticed that all this milk had come from the same udder. He foolishly thought that the cow had a great storage of milk in the udder and that it was refusing to yield more than eight seers at a time. He was greedy and eager to have the whole milk at a time. One morning, therefore, he took a sharp razor and cut the cow's udder. He thought that by this method he could get the whole milk. He got only profuse blood instead. Not a drop of milk was there in the udder. The cow bled to death. 

Likewise, A foolish Sadhaka wants highest spiritual experience and wonderful will-power to drop into his lap in a day. He begins to perform Asuri Tapasya and cuts the very life of Tapasya itself using sharp razor of extreme austerity. He will get downfall and death but not spiritual progress. Practise Sattvic Tapasya and evolve step by step to enjoy Supreme Bliss. 

The scriptures remind you of your worth and guide you to the truth and lead you to it in easy stages. Follow the method prescribed by Scriptures and saints to pull down the complex structure of the monkey-mind. The spiritual practice to curb the mind must be carried on step by step until Sakshathkaram (Realisation) is gained. The water (senses) in the vessel (body) should be boiled with fire (Sadhana) bright till the jeeva will at last become Deva. This is possible when one comes in contact with God-head.  

A yogi had an attack of gastritis and his co-sadhakas gathered round him and suggested that he should always some salt in his mouth and swallow the saliva. Few days later he wanted to distribute some sweets to children around his ashram. He tested all the sweets and found that they are not sweet enough. One sweet vendor asked him to spit out what he had in his mouth and gargle his throat and wash is mouth before tasting the sweets. After doing this, he found all the sweets taste quite nice. You can discover the true sweetness of the Lord with all the salt taste accumulated through many births on your tongue. God will favour you with his affection once you keep your mind clean of vasanas (tendencies caused by past deeds), your intellect free from prejudices, your character free from blemishes and your behaviour free from rudeness. 

Sarvam Vishnu mayam jagath (All this Universe is pervaded by Lord Vishnu). See Nature as Supreme Soul but not as multiplicity of sense-impressions and sense-attractions. Treat that everything is God-filled wherever your eye turns, whatever your ears hear, your fingers touch, your tongue tastes and your nose smells. Do not allow the mere form, sound, touch, taste and smell captivate your senses. The Sadhana (spiritual discipline) like japam, dhyanam, sath-karma recommended from doctrine of the Upanishadhs and from the experience of saints is to become Nara (man) to Narayana (God); thwam (thou) to become Thath (That).


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai