Don't try to see God but Act in such a way that God will come and see you.





A Zamindar appointed an agent over his estates giving him vast powers over his property. The Zamindar started watching the agent and his activities from a distance and he made it look as though he was absent. Gradually, the agent grew more haughty and arrogant and began to assume the powers of the zamindar himself! One day, a sadhu came to see the Zamindar but the agent who was filled with arrogance said, "Where is the zamindar? There is no such person here. I am the all-in-all. Ask from me whatever you want." The Sadhu at once shouted out, "O zamindar, please come and enlighten this man!". The Zamindar promptly suspended the agent and ready to re-appoint him only when he had thoroughly realised his mistake and had sincerely vowed never to deny the sovereignty of the zamindar, but to sing his glory to all that came in contact with him (the agent). The agent hung his head down in shame and fell prostrate at the feet of the zamindar and the Sadhu.


The Zamindar is the Supreme Lord. The agent is the mind which is born out of the Supreme Lord. It shines only in the light of the Lord and has no independent existence. Gradually, the wicked mind begins to deny the existence of the power superior to itself. Then, the God-realised saint comes and reminds the mind of the Lord and shouts the Lord's Name in the man's ears (initiation). At once the man realises the higher Power and his all-pervading, ever-present nature. He surrenders himself to the Lord and vows never more to deny him and sing his glory always.


People are trying to search happiness in gross matter like buildings, machines, factories, roads, cars etc. and subtle matter like songs, poetry, philosophy etc. But, You cannot manufacture a process of happiness by tackling this material energy because the material energy is not under your control but it is controlled by the supreme. All the materialistic activities of the cosmic manifestation are going on just to bring the rebellious souls back to Godhead. Anyone who rebels against the superiority of God will suffer under the stringent laws of material nature. The real happiness comes when you determine to be happy in spiritual life. Frustration and confusion with materialistic life is the only qualification to yearn  for realisation.


It is not possible to make yourself happy by engaging in all kinds of political, philanthropic and humanitarian activities in the materialistic world. Advancement of knowledge for eating, sleeping and mating is animal knowledge. Even animals have the reasoning power. But human beings have special reasoning, "Why am I suffering?". The human beings couldn't find the answer even though progressing himself in scientific advancement, philosophical advancement, cultural advancement and religious advancement. When there is some impulse to awaken this reasoning-power, it is called as brahma-jijnasa. When you reach the stage of being firmly convinced that "I am not this body" but "I am spirit soul", that stage is called the brahma-bhuta stage of Brahman realization and this is real knowledge.


When there is no reasoning like: Why am I suffering? What am I? Am I meant for suffering? Am I meant for troubles? What is the reason behind my suffering? How to become free from all these troubles?, he is simply leading a animal life and he should understand that whatever activities he is doing will lead to his defeat. Vedanta-sutra says that this human form of life is meant for asking the question of how to solve the problem of suffering. This special awakening reason human being arises by good association.  Knowledge begins not from Lord but from the things which we are accustomed to see everyday.


Meditating on the Vishnu form in Satya-Yuga (Golden age), Practicing yoga by performing great sacrifices in Treta-Yuga and By performing Temple worship in Dwapra-Yuga were recommended to achieve perfection. But in Kali-Yuga, age of quarrel and disagreement because everyone have his own theory and his own philosophy, perfection can be obtained by simple method of Hari kirtana i.e., glorifying of Supreme Personality. No other means of spiritual realization is as effective in this age of quarrel and hypocrisy.


Human form of life is meant for self-realization. Mind and Imperfect senses cannot grasp the perfect knowledge to reach the Lord but he will reveal himself through your senses if you engage them in the service of Lord. Peace can be had when one understands that God is the proprietor of everything.


Don't try to see god but Act in such a way that God will come and see you.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai