Some centuries ago, there was a small temple of Srinath in the town of Govardhana. A poor brahmain of that place had an only son who was always exulting in the stories and legends of krishna and who delighted only in listening to the leelas of the Lord. One day, he went out into the meadows with the cattle and saw the temple. He considered the image of Krishna inside the shrine as Lord himself. He called out very piteously asking Krishna to come out and play with him in the moonlight. Though doors are locked, Krishna came and walked with the boy along the fields hand in hand. Krishna played the flute to the extreme delight of the brahmin lad. After few hours, two friends returned back to temple. Krishna disappeared into the temple shrine quite unnoticed. The boy could not bear the pangs of separation from his divine playmate. He spent the night and morning crying outside the door. The parents and the priest discovered the body and the parents beat him for giving them so much trouble. But, the priest found the idol bleeding as a result of the blow. If you call on him as little brother, he responds and becomes a  playmate for you. But, if you call on him as Guru, he will instruct and inspire. He never fails those who call on him sincerely and in faith.


Man always magnify the role of fate and consequence of Karma without understanding the overpowering might of God's grace. Remember the story of Markandeya who date with death was cancelled because of his penance that achieved the Grace of God. There are countless instances in the earthly careers of all Avathars that Godís Grace is greater than garnered karma.


The two major evil forces that drag down mankind in the quest for God are - Temptation for Publicity and Cynicism. Even a small gift to some charitable organisation is announced in thick banner headlines! Conceit is thus encouraged and man slides into paltry pomp. Kindness has to be fostered in the silence of the mind. The seed should not be scattered on the rocky surface but it has to be embedded in the depths so that it can germinate. Cynicism is done in conversation, in judging works of art, the achievements of science, the attainments of adventure, the heights of sadhana and in the pronouncements of the wise. So, do not stive for False Publicity and do not become victim for Cynicism. Instead, Pray to God to illumine your mind and intellect which leads you to gain the Grace of God. The first requisite for the seeker is the quality of detachment (Vairagya), a quality that is the product of deep discrimination on the nature, characterstics of the senses, the mind and the intellect.


There is no need for hard and tough discipline and sadhana needed to win the Grace of God  :

The Best displine is - Control your tongue and make it soft and sweet; do not yield to the whims of the senses; dwell always in the thought of God; remind yourself always of the Glory and majesty of God. The Lord has said that he who does good, thinks good and speaks good will not come to harm. That is the way to get Equanimity(Shaanthi).


The Best Sadhana is - Spend all the time that you can command in the recitation of his name.


God can provide not merely Anna(food) but also Amritha (Divine Nectar). The Name of the god has all the potentiality needed. A single gasp, a tiny gesture, an anguished cry, an agonised shriek is enough to win the answer of God. Surrender the ego and dedicate every moment to him. He is full of mercy and eager to fulfil your prayers if they arise from a pure heart.  When asked where God is, Do not show towards sky or some distant region. Realise that He is in you, with you, behind you, before you and all around you and he can be seen and felt everywhere. 


God has no likes and dislikes. He is Gunatheetha (beyond all gunas) i.e., above and beyond all traits and characteristics. He is full of Love, Mercy, Goodness, Wisdom and Power. God is the mainspring of your life. He gives you what you ask and so, Be careful what you ask. In fact, Leave everything to his Will and surrender at his Lotus feet. Whatever God grants is for your good and for your Liberation but not for your fall or bondage.



-          SATHYA SAI


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai