An offering of a glimpses of  Swami's discourses compiled and lovingly shared by a devotee


Don't try to see God but Act in such a way that God will come and see you.

21-12-2003 Be ready to face and overcome the obstacles in the spiritual path and Submit yourself wholeheartedly to a Guru

Keep your Guru's Sacred Upadesa and your spiritual experiences a secret.

07-12-2003 Ananda can be earned through sincere yearning and impicit faith in God
30-11-2003 Dhana (money) is the currency of the world; Sadhana is the currency of the spirit. 
16-11-2003 Hearing of Discourses is not enough...
09-11-2003 Attachment is the root of both joy and grief
02-11-2003 Strenghten your intelligence by intense sadhana
27-10-2003 Egoism is the tough enemy
19-10-2003 Consciousness
12-10-2003 Recognise The High Purpose Of This Human Body
05-10-2003 Desire For Joy That Will Never Fade
28-09-2003 A Foolish Man
21-09-2003 The requisites for the spiritual discipline
14-09-2003 The Royal Road To Truth
07-09-2003 Spiritual Grace is proportinate to your strenous effort
31-08-2003 You must be humble but yet strong.....
17-08-2003 Devotion is divine love unsullied by any tinge of desire
09-08-2003 The Atma alone is the source of Inner Strength
02-08-2003 Make Intellect The Master of your mind
26-07-2003 Keep Check on the destructive force
19-07-2003 Manifest your Divinity
12-07-2003 Purify your heart
05-07-2003 Reason out and discriminate
28-06-2003 Egoism is the most dangerous illusion
21-06-2003 You are the Deathless Aathma
14-06-2003 Bhakti alone is enough to acquire Jnana
07-06-2003 Live or Die Gloriously
01-06-2003 Process for God Realisation
25-05-2003 Curb the power of desires
17-05-2003 Know Your Self
14-05-2003 Follow this Regimen
10-05-2003 Sharanaagathi
07-05-2003 Sahaja Karma
04-05-2003 Cultivate the habit...
29-04-2003 Nishkaama Karma
26-04-2003 The Art of Acquiring Mental Peace
20-04-2003 Cultivate Jnana (Supreme Knowledge)
16-04-2003 Bhoga and Roga
11-04-2003 Surrender to Him Only
08-04-2003 A True Guru
05-04-2003 The Lord is all pervading prema
02-04-2003 Let your mind dwell on Krishna
31-03-2003 A Gopika called Neeraja
29-03-2003 Krishna Janmaashtrami & Gokulaashtami day
24-03-2003 Truth alone can confer Mangalam (Auspiciousness)

Bhakti is referred to as Upaasana


A Priest called Dhevesha.


Shankara's anguished yearning.


A cowherd called Malaadhaasa.

08-03-2003 The Lord has come to liberate........
05-03-2003 Raamanaama will yield fresh sweetness, fresh joy, every time it is rolled on the tongue.
01-03-2003 The Lord is sweetness itself.
22-02-2003 Divine grace depends on the heart of man.

Do not give up your saadhana.

17-02-2003 The mind must become the servant of the intellect, not the slave of the senses.

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