Paramahamsa Tewari on the Baba from his book - "Spiritual Foundations," space power tech to replace oil, nuclear...

A chapter from this book by India's leading space power physicist, whose "overunity" Space Power Generator gets energy from space and promises a replacement for nuclear and fossil fuel power tech as tested and verified by many engineers including American experts. See Physics of Space Power Generation articles, etc., and his book "Spiritual Foundations" online which includes below chapter on India's leading spiritual teacher, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whom Tewari loves and venerates religiously in his way. 

[chapter] 17. SAI AVATAR

We are today witnessing the miracle of all miracles, the wonder of all wonders of nature, that the Incarnation of Shri Satya Sai was born in the mid twenties of this century for speedy evolution of humanity. It is the greatest fortune of mankind that God, in human form and with inexplicable power over nature, has incarnated on this planet to teach, guide, console and assuage us, since the society presently is in distress, and needs to be nourished with peace, love, truthfulness, righteousness and non-violence, perhaps, more than ever before. Satya Sai Baba demonstrates, time and again to the sadhaks and devotees of God, irrespective of their religious faith, His power of omniscience and omnipotence through dreams, visions, personal interviews and public discourses. He expounds on the Vedic truth, explains the very meaning and deeper aspects of basic religions and the associated historical facts of the Prophets and Incarnations that are now buried deep in history, in order to establish ideal conduct, ethic and morality that will save humanity from the impending dangers of the prevailing hypocrisy, deceit, untruth, selfishness and arrogance, and will protect the noble ones from the onslaughts of the wicked.

I once dreamt of Shirdi Baba who in few seconds changed into the form of Satya Sai Baba. "Baba, are you and Shirdi Baba the same"? I asked in the dream. "Yes, yes, yes", was the reply by Satya Sai Baba. Satya Sai Baba has told to many devotees and also declared in His public discourses, that His next incarnation will be in Karnataka as Prem Sai. On another occasion, I dreamt of Shirdi Sai's image that conveyed to me in advance very clearly through words on an important official position with specific designation that I would hold, and it did happen almost three years later. "You will go to Karnataka" was another message in my dream presumably from Satya Sai Baba, and it came to be true a couple of years later. (The author took the position as Project Manager for the construction of the Kaiga Nuclear project - ed.) "Future place of your Sadhana" was the sentence I heard very clearly in dream again, while I witnessed a vast region of green valleys and ranges of hillocks and mountains. I was posted to such a scenic place about two years later. Many important events in my personal life and also of my professional career were projected through dreams and visions much before their actual occurrence. I have had solid proofs that Baba has indeed been instrumental in shaping these crucial events in my life.

Knowledge is the criterion used to distinguish between man and an Avatar in addition to the direct experience of the sadhak if doubt arises on any account. Just as without education in science, one cannot explain any scientific phenomenon satisfactorily, and his pretensions soon come to light, so also a person pretending to be a Divine Incarnation cannot be erudite in the Vedas, and will fail to give expositions on the scriptures of basic religions. The Prophets and Incarnations, however, being in close communion with the Prajna of Brahman, utter words that are un-alloyed truths. Lord Krishna's Upadesh in Bhagavad Geeta is more authentic proof of His being an Incarnation of God than the destruction of the asuras and evil men that He carried out during His life time starting right from the young age when He was a mere child since the latter actions could be termed by the rationalists as magic or miracle, and thus the great might that child Krishna would have had to manifest at His will in killing the demons time and again could go ignored.

Shri Sathya Sai Baba declared, "This human form of Sai is one in which every divine entity, every divine principle - that is to say - all the names and forms ascribed by man to God is manifest. Do not allow doubt to distract you. If you only install in the altar of your heart faith in My Divinity, you can win a vision of My Reality". Much before I learned of the above pronouncement of Baba, I had visions of a Goddess (Savitri?), Shiva-Shakti and numerous dreams of Shri Sathya Sai.

In a vision during sleep seated in a raised throne of gold in an office room was a Goddess with ornaments and crown on her head studded with gems. The most beautiful feature was a lustrous countenance and a straight beam of golden color light emanating from her towards me. The golden-orange hue of the beam was a most pleasant and wondrous sight. The expression on the face of the Goddess was serene; there was a faint smile. Mistaking her perhaps for a worldly lady, I commented in my dream that she looked charming. "Attractive not Charming", she politely replied and added that soon I was going to have a new office much better than what I had expected. Her assurance concretized two years later when I took over a large project's construction responsibility. (The Kaiga Project - ed.) I believe that Baba appeared in my dream as Goddess Savitri or Lakshmi. In another vision, I saw Shiva-Shakti in the posture of Nataraj, the face and the body was dark blue, very bright and effulgent, and resembling that of a handsome youth in his late teens. The male and female aspects were very clearly evident. The crescent moon was faintly seen.

"I am Varun Ravindran" was heard another time during my dream from an elderly person to whom I was taking round at some project site which was in its very initial stages of construction. Soon there was a storm and high wind blew across the large area of the site raising dust and threatening to uproot the trees. "I shall control this, you watch" he said. And right then the storm subsided in few seconds. In a similar dream, I was surrounded by a large sheet of water somewhat like a rising river. The water level rose slowly up to my neck. 1 started chanting "Sai Ram", "Sai Ram", and to my amazement the utterance of Baba's name instantly controlled the rise of water, and the flood started receding. The above dreams, spaced within a few months, occurred during the period when serious opposition then existed against the execution of a large nuclear project under my charge.

In a gathering of thousands of devotees of Shri Sathya Sai Baba at Puttaparthy (Andhra Pradesh) in the mid eighties, I kept in my hand a letter for Baba requesting him to give me experiences of his Divinity if indeed he was the Incarnation of this age. Swami willingly accepted the letter, which was one among the several letters from others, and thereafter a series of spiritual experiences took place including many more dreams and visions of Sathya Sai and also some of Shirdi Baba.

"In one of the dreams I witnessed a bluish mountain with a snow-capped dome at its top, and simultaneously heard a voice: "Kailash". On another occasion while rising from bed early morning I involuntarily uttered; "Every mount is Kailash; everywhere is Shiva". Later again in a dream a gigantic and unusual figure of a man measuring about 15 feet in a half-seated posture, with reddish tinged body complexion, of strong build with broad shoulders and arms appeared. His face was calm and serene. With great curiosity and surprise I stared at him and noticed that his head and face was much smaller than his body; his cheeks were somewhat sunken despite glowing countenance.Later I realized that God Hanuman, who is monkey-faced and in devotion to Lord Rama (incarnation in Sathuga) was unparalleled, who was an ocean of knowledge and strength had come into my vision".

It was Swami's blessing that enabled me to come out victorious from my professional upsets, after a period of trial that lasted a few years. The proof of the above fact is that Baba in one of my dreams had clearly answered in response to my anxiety expressed to Him: "Your problems will get solved in the nick of time". And then after a few dreams that distinctly spelled out my future place and professional task, Swami blessed me by giving vibhuthi (again in the dream) just a day before the important assignment was given to me. "The ordeal ends successfully" were the words heard during sleep around the same period.

It was the most pleasant surprise when I heard that Sathya Sai Baba in a personal interview with a Senior Scientist from the USA had said, "I know Tewari". ("Miracle in the Void", Dr. Brian O'Leary, NBP, PO Box 1657, Guerneville, CA 95446, USA.) Having experienced numerous dreams and visions, for which I am fully aware that Baba alone was instrumental in, it is no surprise to me that Swami is the Omniscient one, and He is in constant communion with every living being on this planet.

The advent of the Sai Incarnation was predicted ("Shri Sathya Sai Baba and the Future of Mankind", Satya Pal Rahela, Sai Age Publications, "Sai Kripa", New Delhi-110 004) by the Sage Shuka in his 5000 year old palm leaf manuscript, and also by Prophet Mohammed as per an ancient Arabic book "Mehdi Moud" (Vol. 13 of the book "Ocean of Light"). The physical features of the Sai Baba Incarnation, His teachings on religious, creation of small gifts for the devotees, His span of life, etc., are clearly predicted by the Prophet. The similarity of these predictions with Sathya Sai Baba leave no doubt in Sathya Sai Incarnation of today.

Swami had declared about three decades ago, "I am Shiva- Shakti, born in the Gotra of Bharadwaj, according to a boon won by that sage from Shiva and Shakti. Shakti herself was born in the Gotra of that sage as Sai Baba of Shirdi. Shiva and Shakti have incarnated as Myself in his Gotra now. Shiva alone will incarnate as third Sai in the same Gotra in Mysore State". With my visions of Shiva-Shakti, and also the dream in which Shirdi Sai changed into Sathya Sai as described earlier, the above pronouncement of Sathya Sai have been spiritually experienced by me. Baba has also said, "I am the dance master, I am Nataraja, Prince of Dancers. I alone know the agony of teaching you each step in the Dance of Life". My vision of Shiva-Shakti was in the posture of Nataraja. Yes, indeed, Sathya Sai Incarnation is re-establishing religions, reassuring mankind on its Divine origin, and re-establishing truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence globally.

Lovingly shared by David Crockett Williams